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    Straight Female / 38

    To my surprise I ended up marrying a very dominant man. I went through high school and college dating average guys, some were fun, others not. I went into the work force after college and dated off and on. I have always been driven and made senior pretty quick and was on track for manager.

    The guy I married I met through a client. He was quiet when we met, letting me talk. When we were getting the cars at the valet stand I asked him if he enjoyed the meal. He told me the food was good but the bitch wasn't. I turned on him, but he stopped me from talking and told me that in case no one had ever told me I was a bitch and nothing was worse than a bitch that didn't shut up. His car came and he left.

    I chased him for two years. I called him. I asked him out. I sat beside him for an hour and no one said anything. My client helped me here, setting things up. When I made manager I asked him to come to my dinner as my date. I wanted to tell everyone that he was here with me. After dinner, I went to the ladies room and another manager was in there and she told me that was the quietist I had been, ever. Bypassing my rational mind I told her that I didn't have permission to talk. She looked at me and said 'your date? You get permission?'. I said 'yes, don't you get permission?'.

    M y career does very well, I have a different home life than I do a professional life. I really do seek permission, better to have permission than get in trouble. I made partner and have two kids. He doesn't raise his voice or hit you or anything like that. He looks at you, and if you get out of line from what he thinks is appropriate he pulls you over and lets you know that is not the way to behave. We have girls, so we all get lots of parenting. One of our, my daughters and me, looks is that look of listen up and shut up. More than once at our table you will here 'Daddy, can I talk now?', "Daddy, can I get up now?'. It's our mother daughter thing. Asking Daddy for permission. I wonder if he knows how totally dominated he is by his girls.

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    Totally dominated by his girls, or totally dominant of his girls? If the last sentence wasn't a typo, please clarify, thanks.
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    i agree with #1, very confusing. regardless, having to ask for permission to speak??? really??? theres just so many things wrong with this. this isnt the 50s. but to each his own i guess. do you enjoy being treated like that? and really, being called a bitch? smh.

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