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    Straight Male / 38

    Went to a strip club. Left there horny af. A black guy about 45 sitting in his pick-up truck eyeing me. Not really sure what was up but he kept looking and looking. Felt my cock jump. Looking back at him he lowered his passenger window and leaned towards me. I looked at him, got in my car, looked back, got out, saw him starring at me. I walked over and went to the open window. There he's sitting, his pants around his knees, thick hard cock out, stroking and looking at me. I start thinking, he wants head. Shit, I start to walk away, stop, look at his cock. Never wanted cock but up close he's huge, has a big curve going with a thick shiny head and he showing off for me. I say fuck it, get into his car, my own cock is now throbbing hard. He slides off his pants the rest of the way and slides over pushing his cock at me. I touch it, feel how soft the skin is, squeeze it feeling how rock hard it is. I taste it a mix of skin, sweat and piss. I feel it throbbing in my mouth. I start to suck. My cock is painfully hard as I pleasure him in a parking lot. I hear voices, girls leaving work, laughter, I think they can see. He's breathing hard, lifting his ass off the seat, pushing his cock deeper into my throat. I'm like a man possessed, ignoring everything but his cock, he reaches under and squeezes my cock over and over, I'm sucking deep and steady, he's groaning, I feel wetness then spurts on my tongue. He's cumming, groaning and grinding, unleashing his load into my mouth. I swallow, kiss and suckle and get every last drop as his body relaxes. He pulls his pants up, says thanks and off I go with a raging dick and his cum in my belly. There are girls standing around near a car, they giggle as I walk past, one asks if I had fun. I say yes, get in my car and stroke my dick to their laughter. I drive off as the girls wave, find a quiet spot, get out and jerk off shooting my cum onto a dirt lot. After I cum I feel disgusted with myself but later I find myself thinking about that cock again and getting horny.

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    This work of fiction is copied right from the Incel textbook
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    QUEER! AIN'T NO GUY GONNA GET HORNY WATCHING CHICKS(PUSSY) STRIPPERS goto parking lot & suck a dick. Let alone a black 1.

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