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    Bi-Sexual Female / 38

    I am married. He is 5 years younger than I am, and I don't even remember the first time we met or the first time he fucked me. I remember a young guy during a gangbang my then boyfriend had me doing. I had been fucked already in the bedroom at a cheap suite in an even cheaper motel by 5 guys, for a total of about 7 fucks. I'd gotten two loads in my mouth. I was 19 my boyfriend was 28, it wasn't the first time he sent in young guys to loose their virginity with me. Cum all over my pussy, my pubic hair, and dripping out of me, some still on my chin, the guy fucked me. I never asked his name, I rolled over on my stomach and just pulled up on my knees so he could insert and fuck. That's what a lot of the guys did. I have big boobs, and they all mauled them or gave me hickies on them.

    About a week later my boyfriend had him up again, and he brought some weed. My boyfriend stayed out on the couch smoking, and sent me and a high Jason (now my husband) into our bedroom so I could let him fuck me without dripping all over the place. He actually kissed me, not many boys ever kissed me, they said I'd sucked so many cocks it would make them cock suckers if they kissed me. But he did, he even asked how to play with my boobs and listened to what I liked. I'd been fucked by 73 guys by the time he fucked me, and another 19 added before my boyfriend dumped me about 6 months later when I was 20. Here was this 15 year old coming around wanting to "date" me. I let him have a few fucks, sucked him, even let him fuck my butt a few times. But I continued with older guys, and multiple guys. My normal Saturday or Friday night was to be picked up by 2 to 5 guys and taken out and fucked. I was a total slut, I'd even let a couple of boys bend me over for their dogs. Through it all, Jason kept coming around. Eventually he wore me down. We both went to college together, him "on time" me quite a bit late. I gave in to marrying him when he got me pregnant and unlike most of the guys who got me pregnant before, he wanted me to have the baby.

    I still tell him stories of the kinky shit I did and he cums even faster when he hears me talk about it while we're having sex. I got fucked for my first time when I was 12 by 3 older boys lying down in the church gym, during a summer bible study camp. I have plenty of stories to keep him going.

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    #1, I thought it was pretty hot. Love girls that are not ashamed of their sexuality. Currently trying to get my gf to act on her bi urges, as well as allow herself to enjoy getting both holes filled.

    For her intro into swinging, I'm planning on introducing her to a couple and just sitting back and watching a couple work her over, until she's very turned on and ready to get double-penetrated.

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