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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 27

    When I was younger I got into trouble with a much older guy. But that's getting ahead of myself.

    I was pretty much the quiet, odd kid that kept to herself. Sure, I had friend and people I talked to, but I was always ultra skinny and being only 4'10 not a lot of the girls I hung around I believed were truly my friend and more just friend's by association. I joined the JV cheerleader team but ended up quitting after one game because the girls were just too damn mean.

    However, between freshman and sophmore years I was visited by the Lady Puberty. As far my my height and petite-ness, that didn't change much though my ass kind of developed some shape and my boobs grew to the point that a C cup was too tight, but Ds left a little too much room to pass.

    It didnt' stop there. I was always interested in men's anatomy but a lot of the boys my age, well, I didn't trust them at all because my interests could be a special category on their own, and probably are.

    So I took to Craigslist back when that was an option. I met... I'll just call him Mr. C since I met him of CL.

    I saw his ad and although there was nothing about it that would stand out that he'd be interested in me but he had a pic that was pretty handsome if not much older (I have a fetish for much older guys... in this case he was 42ish to the math.)

    Mr. C was also a black man and I was a very short, very skinny, busty teen.

    We met at the mall (parking lot) and I rode with him in his car to his motel. There was small talk, yes. I rubbed it in the car ride over, gently bit it thru his jeans. Soon we were in his room and he wasted no time latching the door running his hand over my summer dress.

    Before I knew it I was naked in bed. he had just finished removing my panties with his teeth and licked me for over 20 min. then it was "my turn".

    First time everything here so I was really nervous. With his hand on my face, he pulled it down to his very thick and quite large member. He moaned like it was the greatest experience of his life. and the he exploded.

    i tried to catch it all orally, jerking into my mouth, but there were so much fluid bursting and flowing from his now-twitching member. Most of it I swallowed, not knowing what else to do. some hit my face and cleavage.

    I became his favorite and accepted his load multiple times, whereever he needs to release it. Mr C. owns my body.

    My parents hate him. The caught us in the act junior year but it was handled. since then, my stepdad was really weird to me, to this day.... but perhaps another tale.

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    so what did you learn, are black men your favors kind of a dick, do you still have a black guy on the side. older men are better lovers.
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    Yes, I like the look and feel of a big black cock. No, I'm currently single. thinking about buying one of those black dragon toys :-P
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    Fascinating stuff. I know how you feel. I also love a nice black cock. I'm 77, married, white man and adore having a fine black cock in my mouth. Sorry you had to give it up. If I could I would love to fill in for him and enjoy the fruit of his loins. And that also applies to any well endowed black man in Northeast Louisiana.
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    Filling for who?
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    OP, why buy a toy if you get the real live implement,unless you imply the same.
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    #5: Not sure what you mean but at the moment it’s been a bit since I’ve been filled. I’m pretty sure I’m as tight as day one right now
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    #7: Prove it, enjoy the story, or STFU and GTFO. Always people wanting to shit on anothers tale yet contribute nothing.
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