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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 36

    Our playground for recess was really big, and because it was the 80s the teachers didn't watch us the whole time. In the corner of the field behind the baseball diamond there were some bushes which made great forts and totally hid you from the school.

    I was maybe 7 and I went to the bushes and let 3 boys play with my private parts. I invited them because it made my peepee tingle, so my clitty must have been swollen. While standing I pulled my panties down to my ankles and lifted up my skirt, stretching my panties to open my legs wide.

    I don't remember the boys names. They got real close to see and pulled open my hairless pussylips and looked up my hole. They spent most of the time just rubbing around on my clit and inner flaps, and I remember their hands touching all over my privates. They eventually found my sexhole, and were amazed their fingers disappeared inside. All three boys started pushing their fingers into my cunny at the same time, which hurt cuz it stretched my hole. I remember looking down at the tops of their heads and their hands all over my private girlparts.

    We had to stop pretty quick so I didn't get to see their wieners, but we didn't get caught. I flashed my puss at them on other days later, in the swings or on the tube slid. I have no idea why I did these things. But that was the time 3 boys fingered my virgin cunny.

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