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    I met him at work. He was also a graduate from my University so he invited me to a party at his house for the opening football game. I was the youngest, the most recent graduate. He started to get all over me as the evening went on, trapping me and kissing me. When the party was over he told me to stay and help him clean up. I stayed away from him, keeping myself on the other side of the counter or the table or the furniture. It didn't help, in the end he got me where he wanted me and I spent the night at his house.

    In those days, I was a nice recent graduate from college with very little experience I was unprepared for sex and I told him that he had to pull out because if not he was going to get me pregnant. Well that made him upset with me and he told me to go get on the pill and join the 20th century because he wasn't going to be pulling out every time I went to bed with him. It went over my head the whole thing about every time I went to bed with him. The next time he got to that point and asked me if I was on the pill because he was going let go. I wasn't on the pill but I also wasn't going to tell him to pull out so he let go.

    We got married, my parents weren't to excited because they said he was not the boy next door and I wasn't really his kind. His parents came and it was obvious that we were not their kind. Once married and in the family way we bought a house, nicer than anything I had seen growing up and after we moved in the conversation about me staying home became a steady topic. In the end it was clear to me that he was going to insist that I stay home so I quit talking about it and agreed.

    When our baby girl was three months old we made a trip to meet his family and present the new baby to everyone. I had seen pictures of his grandparents, of his siblings, of his aunts and uncles. But I had no idea where I was going. We stayed at his parents home, a huge place with rooms and rooms and rooms. They had a man and woman who ran the house. As soon as you got into the shower in the morning someone came and picked up your dirty clothes and made the bed. A nanny was hired during our visit. The party to present the baby and me was at the country club.

    We went up to the cabin for the weekend. This was a huge place, and there was a couple there who ran the place. The bedrooms were big, each with its own bathroom. The dining room and living room were bigger than the house I grew up in. I had married into a wealthy family.

    I went on to have my kids. I never worked. In spite of all these years I have never felt comfortable around his family and we live in a far more modest house, but by any measure a huge very nice house. I don't have a couple to run the house for me, but we have a lawn and garden service and we have daytime help. I won't say that I have gotten used to my life. I have grown distant from my family, both from the physical distance because we live across country from them and also because there just isn't any way they can compete. I see them in the summer and my husband is always nice and pleasant, but there is a vacuum between him and them.

    I got the dream home and all. But I miss being around my siblings, even though I can't recreate the feeling when I see them. It is only a dream feeling, but it is not real anymore.

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    It doesn't sound like too much to complain about, frankly. Count your blessings!
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    Nah, not quite. I find little if any credibility to this account. There's a n_i_gg_e_r in the woodpile. This posting leaves a few unanswered questions, conflicts & there's too much funk.

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