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    Gay Male / 26

    I started when I was eleven. He was fourteen and he insisted. After sucking him he put me on the bed and after finding some creams from his mom's dresser he got it in. Whether it felt good to have it in, or it felt good to have him do it I have debated all these years. I did it because he told me to do it and he told his friends that I did it and he had to prove to them that I did it so he had me suck him out behind the park after school.

    I am an exhibitionist and I like to suck in public. On a park bench, or in the movie theater. I was first arrested in high school for sucking off a man inside the swimming pool dressing room one night after it had closed. We were observed jumping the fence and the cops were called and caught us in the act. All the time that I was being held by the cops before being transported to the police station I sat there looking at his bulge wanting to suck him. It is an urge, like dope I guess.

    In college I had this sugar daddy type. We went to the beach and stayed in a hotel with balconies looking out over the pool and the beach. I stood at the balcony while he gave it to me and I looked down at the pool at all those kids and parents laying out having lunch by the pool. To me he felt twice as big.

    On a dare one night I paid this guy on the metro to let me suck him. My friend screened me from the driver but the lady in the seat across got a full view. We got off when she yelled and the bus had come to a stop.

    My fantasy is to suck off the mayor on the elevator and have the doors open on the main floor. Sure I will get in trouble, but everyone will know what kind of man he is and what he really likes.

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    Once a week on Wednesdays, three or four teens find me in the back row of the movie theater and blow me. They patiently take turns. After a while I let the load fire off and they scramble for it. This has been going on for two years, unsolicited by me. The word really gets around when a large, stiff one shows up.

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