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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    After reading in a few different places about guys who were able to suck their own cocks by putting their legs over their own heads, I gave it a try. Low and behold I was able to get about two inches in right away once it was fully erect, without much effort. After a few weeks I was able to get almost half my cock into my mouth and began to love giving myself a blow job. At first I spat out my cum, or came all over my face, but when my moaned at me about "Staining" on the bed sheets and pillows, I started to make sure I came in my mouth and swallowed it. I was soon enjoying, then adoring my cum taste and was sucking myself off at least twice a day.
    Then on a very wet afternoon in late January this year, I knew my mom had gone out shopping and my dad was at work, so I got into my regular position and began to suck on my dick. I'd been sucking on my meat for about five minutes when my bedroom door opened. Stood there watching me, was one of my mates Lee, someone I'd grown up with. I was about to unfurl myself and begin to try and explain things, but Lee walked straight over, gripped my arse cheeks, pulled them apart and buried his face into my arsehole. It was so unexpected, I didn't begin sucking on my dick again for a while, not until he broke off and asked me if I'd ever been fucked. Telling lee I'd not even thought abour anal sex, he stuck his tongue right up my arsehole and then slid in a finger. At that point I began to suck on my own cock again as some pre cum had leaked out.
    Without saying anything, Lee broke away again, totally striped off and offered me his cock to suck. In my head it had always been ok for me to suck my own dick, as I didn't think it was in any way gay, but to suck on his cock meant I was at least accepting gay sex, which pretty much meant given I'd already fucked a couple of girls, I was bisexual.
    Moving around I took hold of his rock hard cock, opened my mouth and let Lee slide his entire length over my tongue.
    Lee's cock isn't as long as mine, but it is much thicker, yet I was still able to suck in every inch right from the off. He moaned loudly, gripped my hair and began to force fuck my face. He kept on telling me he'd dream't of the day I'd suck him off, but also added he'd love to fuck me too.
    That crappy afternoon though, I sucked and sucked on one of my best mates cock, until he thrust one last time arching his back and filling my mouth with his cum. There was no way I was going to waste any, as I had my own when I first started. So gulping down each wad of cum, I drained my friends balls and kept on sucking until he could take no more.
    He lay back on my bed and I was going to ask him to suck my cock, but he'd closed his eyes. Instead I reverted back to being in my self suck position and began to blow myself. Closing my eyes I could hear Lee breathing hard still. Then just as my jucies were flowing again, he stuck his tongue right up my arsehole. It sent me over the edge and I came so hard I had cum leaking out of my mouth.
    Swalowing as much as I could, I flipped myself over and saw Lee smiling down at me. Thanking me for such an amazing blow job, he leaned down took hold of my face and we kissed. He kissed me hard and also licked off the remaining cum from my face. Lying together we kissed and played with one anothers cocks for some time. He eventually became hard again and I just had to suck his dick one more time.
    Over the following few weeks, he'd po round when I'd text him to say I had the house to myself. Each time we'd suck each other, and then as the weather picked up, In a small woodland area close to his home, I allowed my long term friend to slide his bare cock up my arsehole.
    That's another confession for another time. Needless to say I'm now a fully paid up member of the take up the arse brigade. Lee and I are lovers and enjoy sex together as many times as our lives allow. We have indulged in a couple of threeways too, but again that's possible for another confession.
    Everyone around us think we're just very close buddy's, and they'd be right. But we're also extremely good sexual partners, who get a lot out of our own little secret gay life.

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