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    Lesbian Female / 44

    I have discussed this with my psychologist and with a couple of my friends. My friends are horrified but my psychologist told me that what I experienced was not uncommon.

    I should say that I am 44, I am a lifelong lesbian, I am currently alone without someone in my life. I went to lunch with a retired man I worked with. He is in his early sixties and he took a package. We spent a long time and we talked about the company and friends and then about me. When we got to the parking lot he said that he wanted to kiss me, he hadn't kissed a woman in a long time and he wanted to kiss me. He didn't know about my sexual orientation as that is a secret to all but very few people. He grabbed my face and I moved and his first kiss fell on my cheek. He held my face tight and the second kiss fell on my mouth and he worked it until I opened my mouth and let him kiss me. When he told me that we were grownups and we should go have fun, that he needed someone to have sex with and we had always gotten along and I was single we could help each other out.

    Back at my house he got undressed and stood before me naked asking me to perform oral sex on him. I had never performed oral sex on a man or even touched a penis. I hear his say "just open your mouth, put my dick in your mouth and suck, suck it with all your heart, you are sucking on a man's dick, show him how much you want to suck his dick". I was still dressed sitting on the foot stool in the living room and he was naked, he squeezed my cheeks together and I sucked him. I fell into a rhythm while he talked to me telling me that he was going to fuck me and if I was good he would show me why queers like to take it up the ass. He was very descriptive asking me questions about how wet I was, if I could feel my panties in the crack of my ass, if my tits were hard, telling me to look up at him.

    I am 44 and 30 pounds too heavy but he liked my breasts and he told me that he never liked thin women, he undressed me in the living room, fortunately the dr**es were drawn because I was standing naked with him in the living room. He groped my breasts and felt me up with his hand testing to see how wet I was. He said the bedroom was for later, but that the living room was the perfect place for us to start being friends. He positioned me facing the easy chair with my hands on the armrests and he got behind me and started to insert his penis in me. At first it was slow, feeling around but then he got going with a rhythm. He slowed down and asked me if I wanted to be queer for him, if I had ever given my back cherry to anyone. I told him no and he said well it was his for the taking and he used my vagina to lubricate his fingers and lubricate me and I was a queer for him. In one afternoon, in an hour after I had lunch I had sex with a man, I gave oral sex to a man and I let a man have anal sex with me.

    I had several orgasms, the most intense when he was having anal sex with me and I was rubbing my clit. I lost control for a second and he had to pull out and then reinsert himself in me. He ejaculated in my ass. For the next several months he and I were lovers, he was free most evenings and he would come over to my house, either he had brought a take out meal or he fixed something and we had sex in the living room. During that entire time I didn't think about another woman, I kept the affair to myself. I finally broke down and told one of my close friends who is also a lesbian. She listened but felt that what I was doing was wrong, that he was taking advantage of me because I was lonely. I confessed the whole thing to her again along with another friend one night, I just told them everything. These were friends from a long time, women I went out with regularly, women with whom I had been intimate in earlier days.

    I called my psychologist and went to see her. Her take on it was to go for it, enjoy it, there was nothing wrong with it, men have sex to get off, enjoy the sex. And don't expect a whole lot of hugging or cuddling. He was there to have sex and if I liked it to continue with it. Give him what he wanted, a safe place to come and have sex with me. Yes he was there for one purpose, so what? As to anal sex a whole lot of women were enjoying anal sex and if he enjoyed mounting me like that and I was ok with it then give it to him. To think of myself as a 'piece of ass' and let him fuck me to his hearts content. If I never got bored with it so much the better.

    So that is where I am, I am in this very physical sex arrangement with my old coworker. I just hope he is enjoying it as much as I am.

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    Trust me, he is enjoying this just as much as you and probably more so. Most likely had taken fancy with you somewhere along the way and you are making his dreams come true. Once these guys reach this station in life they become so aware of their own mortality they want to work the bucket list and go for the gusto while they can. He may never admit he was looking for the FWB relationship of an ongoing nature because back in his heyday it was more of a "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" approach. Find a woman, get what you can off her then move on to the next one. Not only is he taken with you, he needs you in a physical, psychological and emotional way he may not realize and if so, he may not readily admit. This hits him like an addiction such that he craves you and that's a good thing. Like all relationships, if it is working out for the parties involved then it's a good thing so do what feels right. You're a very special woman and this man knows it. He may be thinking the same thing in hopes you are enjoying him as much as he is you. Surely he knows he's lucky to have you in his life. I'm jealous for him as many of us need someone like you.

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