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    Woke up yesterday morning with a heavy head and a feeling of where am I. Opening my eyes I realized I was in my moms bed and my also that pussy and asshole were aching. Turning over with a little fear knowing I was naked, I saw Michael my moms husband. He smiled at me, said good morning and kissed me in a way you do with lovers. Putting his hands down to my breasts and my my pussy, he asked me if I was okay. I nodded unable to respond properly and just then the bedroom door opened. My mom walked in, said good morning as if it was perfectly normal for her daughter to be naked in bed with her husband, and then noticed Michael's hands moving underneath the duvet. She smiled again and said "I'll leave you two to it, enjoy honey". I jumped up immediately made out I needed a pee and went to the family bathroom. When I got back my mom was in her room so I ducked into my own. My bed was mess and it smelled like sex in my room. And then I had a flash of a memory. I remembered the conversation I was having with my mom about pleasing my boyfriend, or not pleasing him. I also remembered drinking Vodka's like they were juice.
    Michael was sat having his breakfast when I went to talk to my mom. she said hello and kissed me on the cheek. Turning to me my mom said "I hope you learned something last night, because Michael's not going to be teaching and fucking you every night young lady".
    Michael hasn't said anything to me since, but he has given me that look that says, he'd love to fuck me again and again. The thing is, my memory is kind of getting back little by little. It's very sketchy, but I do now remember having an amazing time sexually with my step dad and also, and it's the most vivid part, loving him fucking my asshole.
    My mom just thinks it natural for him to teach me from what she's said, and now I'm thinking if she's maybe right.

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    I am not your step dad nor your step dad's son, but I'll be your step dad until your step dad comes. Now, after reading this, enter an email where you can be reached, if you want to enjoy what I have to offer. I love to French kiss, my way. Let me explain. After we both undress I lay beside you and place my lips tight against your lips. I'll start by placing my tongue tight against your lips until I feel your lips becoming wet and warm. I then slide my tongue between your lips and begin moving it around and when you feel it inside and begin moaning and I start sliding it in and out between your lips. You are loving it and begin moving around and moaning loud so I continue my actions until you stop groaning and moaning and kind of relax yourself so then I remove my lips from your lips and slide up to your belly button. You loved it so much that you placed your hands on my head and directed me to your lips on your face where we began the other form of French kissing. Email me and lets see what happens next. julealex@@@@bresnan.**t. You won't be sorry.
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    Can't explain the goof. Maybe Confessions wanted to delete the email. Just remove 3 of the @@@@'s and add net to replace the **t. Thanks for your attention! I'm waiting here.

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