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    Straight Male / 43

    i developed a fetish and,dont get me,wrong any time u could enter in this blonde perfect fake tits pale,skin an a big pussy ob a 5 ft 9 frame. she was married,wirh kids ar three,private,schools around,palm,beach county. i couldnt be,with her all the,time,infact schedules,limited,us,to where,an,when an towards,year 5 and,6 i met her sometimes,4,times,a,day,even if it was,for 15 mins.,with fdee,info,on all,her,arousals,for the,day or,when,she,fucked,her husband,of a,guy at there,table or party she let me in anything that,got her wet cu,she,new,if,got me,wet. often planning dayz in advance out,meeting and sex yes plenty of sex i needed,her noe,fo cum already fucked,becuase,j had become so accoustum to it. when,she,didnt cum fucked,we pretned am she made uo anglds,to stories,( like tbe pool guy watchubg her play with her pussy ),i jad jer start playing with her pussy arouns,rhd,time,of,rhe pool guy wjth blinds,open . well fhe lther day she,said,she got walked into by ghe pool guy she had kust been fucked by her husband and he ledtcher tide,to the deck but as he fell hus dick went right into hdr ass hole as,he untied,she,said,he pumped,4 more gimes,and came un my ass. she pulled forward,both holes dripping cum . i cun 13 tumes,that after noon . i found i didnt care,who was, fucking ber njst tbag,sbe,was fucking. i crossed reference evdry guy she talked abkut and made,a,lizg . through media , picz and fuck me please,i had 92,guys she,mentioned over the nsxt 2,years,fuck hef a number of times,i fuckex ber 5gimez,ang day,sbe,fuck zomeone . now,i ca t be,sure,but ber busband,brought vuys,and,couples,plus,she did atleSt one,teacber from each school bdr kidz,went to and there,kids,doctor . she did 12, clients,her busband,sold,houzes,to and

    her,husband,s ent ber to a,island,clothing optional he,dudnt

    know,it but she,took me,a d,i,fucked,her,4000 times, when she got back i organized when she,was waiting for her child to finish a,progrsm for more than 20 minutes,i had a guy some she,had not met meet her even in the school parking lot
    my beat was a,miss up having two,guys ahoe,uo . i told the second,to open the door they expected it
    he did they didinr ut fucled 20 pasr pock up time . funny all yhree kids,late fir pic up were fucking each other. they had many aleep ocers,drom then on mostly the parents fucked each other unlsas,18 then they to were n play

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