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    My ex wife and I have been divorced for a number of years now. I never miss fucking her because I have hundreds of nude pics, as well as tons of fuck footage recorded of her while we were together. The pics and vids depict her from the ages of 19 through 30 something years old. I love to stroll down memory lane, throbbing dick in hand, and jerk angrily at her for hours on end sometimes. She's basically built for sex, a squirter, a blonde with a perfect ass and fake tits, and was undressed in the minds of every man who laid eyes on her, since she was very young.
    After our divorce, I shared hundreds of nude pics of her flawless body with one of my best friends(whom she absolutely loathed, and would be mortified if she knew he'd seen every inch of her stark naked body). This increased the "jerk off stock" of these already treasured pics of her, substantially. We texted back and forth about her, objectifying her to great lengths. It always made my dick rock hard to know she was mere pornographic material for us.
    While her and I were together, I was also able to obtain many high quality bikini pics of her sister and several friends of hers. I can't stress enough how beautiful and sexy all of them were. Birds of a feather, all in their 20's. I'm jerking furiously to a gallery of all their ripe tits and asses right now, and these coveted pics of mine have led to the best edge/climaxes ever. If they only knew how many gallons of jizz my trusted friend and I have spewed to their exposed meat, theyed be horrified!
    I wish I had more trusted friends to share all this cornucopia of bimbo flesh with. I feel so lucky, and yet stingy, hoarding all these whorish keepsakes to myself.

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    Please comment!
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    Do the Lord's work and post some on zippyshare! Then post some links!
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    I’ll be your close friend. I’d love to see her young body. I’m a married man but still love to jackoff to real life young pussy. I’ll even make comments back to you about her. If you decide to, send to


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    I have a similar situation..... just one very hot video. I am waiting for the perfect time to upload it onto every free porn site, print up hundreds of screen capture stills and mail them to everyone she knows and/or is related to. Revenge is sweet.

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