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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    16 here, not 18. My first sex was about 6 months ago when I was 15. I was staying the night with my friend who is 17 and his mom wasn't at home for the weekend, and we got some beer and tequila and got drunk. That Friday night was first. I passed out and when I woke up Saturday morning he was on top of me fucking me. I yelled for him to stop and he asked why, since he'd fucked me all night long. I was sure he had, my butt was sore but it was the amount of cum that came out and into the toilet when I went. Of course, he made me wait until he was done pushing in another load of his cum before I could go to the toilet. His excuse for what he did was that he was horny, I was hard - he says he jacked me and even sucked me off - and he wanted to fuck someone. He says that I agreed to it but I don't think so. As he said it, the damage was done and if I wanted I could do it to him. He did suck me and then finished me with his hand. Over that weekend I let him fuck me 9 more times. Mostly while I was drinking, but a couple times in the afternoon, and then Monday morning before we went to school. Eventually I just let him do it when he wanted. I was spending several nights over there as he wanted to fuck a LOT.

    His mom was a drinker, and came home drunk often. She'd padd out with her panties off, skirt off, and blouse opened wearing no bra. My friend went into a deep sleep after fucking me twice, and I played with his passed out mom. This happened several times, I would lick her, finger her, even licked and fingerfucked her ass. Several times, usually if she came home after 2am, she'd pass out in various states of undress or naked with sperm in her just-fucked pussy. I'd been swallowing my friends sperm now for month so I'd lick her pussy and the other mens sperm anyway. Finally last weekend I fucked her. I had a butt filled with 2 loads of her sons sperm, and then I fucked his mom. I was too afraid to cum inside her so I pulled out and shot on her C cup titties with tiny nipples and licked it off. Then I returned to my friends room and jacked off while he fucked me the next morning, all the time I was thinking about how hot and moist his moms pussy was only a few hours before. The next time I catch her with cum in her, I'm going to shoot mine inside her too. I can't wait to cum inside a pussy. In the meantime I may fuck her in her butt just like her son does to me, and did my first time while I was drunk and passed out. Rape for a r**e?

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