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    I'm not really sure which category is appropriate for this, so I'll just say what I came to say.

    When my significant other & I got together, she used to say she'd "never obey a man." These days though, her tune has drastically changed. She does anything necessary to please me, and she's said that just knowing she pleases me makes her happy. So, WHY the change, you might wonder?

    My answer is that I think she LIKES me taking the initiative to lead, that she respects it, and that her submissiveness is a natural response to that. I know she can stand on her own two feet if needed, she's not a "weak" woman at all, but I think she finds her bliss in having me as her Master.

    Our relationship is happier than many, because our dynamic is clearly defined, I'm not saying we don't have disagreements, but we don't ever "go to war" with each other. When there is a "battle of the sexes" going on, a power struggle, a lack of balance in any relationship, there is bound to be resentment.

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