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    Straight Female / 41

    I was a lonely divorced white female with two kids. I kept the house when I got divorced. My neighbor down the street retired. I have always liked him, he was a wealth of knowledge about everything. I went to his house to ask him if he could watch my four year old son because I had to go to the doctors. When I came back he stood me up against the banister and told me I had to do something because my son was acting like a sissy and he needed to man up. He told me women did more to fuck up a boy than anything else and I was well on the way to making him a sissy.

    My feelings were really hurt, when I got home I cried. What was I supposed to do? My son was with me all day, his brother was in school but I couldn't afford day care for my son. After a few days I went and called on my neighbor and told him I wanted to talk, I needed his help. He wasn't very helpful, telling me only that I needed to get my son around a man with balls to be a role model for him. In my frustration I asked him why he couldn't be the man that my son spent time with, maybe he could spend a couple of hours with him everyday.

    I started to take my son over around ten and pick him up for lunch. And then I started to ask my neighbor to have lunch with us, or I let my neighbor take us out to lunch. At this one lunch, we were at Burger King and my son was in the play area he put his arm around the back of the booth and pulled me in against him. I tried to be soft and took his hand to take it off of me, but he just held me tighter and pulled me up to him this time really tight so I couldn't move. I complained to him, quietly and he told me my son needed to see that his mom was held by a man and that she liked to be held by a man.

    When we got back to our house he told me that he wanted to come in and talk to me while my son took a nap. The conversation was direct and he told me that it was just like that, I needed a man to get into my pants and he wanted to get into my pants and that made it perfect, I got what I needed and he got what he wanted. I stood up and walked away, he stood up and followed me and told me he wanted me to get in his arms and didn't want to feel anything but tits and that my son wasn't going to sleep very long so we didn't have anytime to keep arguing and he was horny and he wanted some right then, we could do it in the kitchen or on my bed but that he wanted some hot sweet pussy.

    I know he was using words to get me worked up and it was working, he told me he wanted me to sit up on the counter and let him eat my pussy. He took out his penis and told me to suck his dick. He picked me up and sat me on the counter and told me he wanted my tits and he wanted my pussy and he wanted me to suck his dick. He took me off the counter and pulled me to the living room sofa and sat down and told me to get down and suck his dick but not to make him cum because he wanted to fuck me. All this talk, all these words he was using and he was saying them in a real dirty tone and he shoved my head down until I started to suck him. Once I started sucking him I gave up. I sucked him for a little while and I told him to take me to my room because we could lock the door and I let him fuck me. There was no love making, just get on me and fuck me.

    He told me that the next time he was going to eat my pussy, he wanted it hot and sweet and juice running down his chin, he wanted his dick in my mouth and when he got through eating me he was going to fuck me. My affair with him went on and on for five years, as he got older we spent a lot more time with oral sex. By then both of my sons were in school so we had all morning and early afternoon to have sex. he liked looking at me and he had me get naked for him and fix lunch for him, or get naked and act out a play, or get naked and do exercises. He liked to sit on the couch and have me bend and twist and watch me. He took his play pills every morning before he came over. The neighbors all around knew that he spent mornings and lunch with me and pretty much knew about the affair.

    My sons were doing OK in school and my younger boy was in little league and doing much better. In spite of the way he spoke to me about sex he was always kind and used proper language with the boys. I really miss that he isn't with me anymore. When he took me in, so to speak, I was struggling I hadn't realized how much I needed him to get into my pants. His voice is in my house, his words are in my head at night. I feel widowed and lonely without him, a loneliness I never felt after I divorced my husband.

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    Why isn't he with you anymore? Is he dead or playing with some other lonely woman.It all began in a rough manner but ended to your satisfaction.Why not search for him--if he is alive and get him back? If he is alive( is that why you feel widowed or else you would have used the term lonely ?) you might have to beg or get another man.

    Let me know if you need me.
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    #1 AGAIN-- Correction:- If he is alive should be read as --if he is dead( in the context of feeling widowed).
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    #1 AGAIN must be some loser that doesn't know what proofreading is. Fool has to spend more time with corrections, and then corrections on corrections. Maybe it's a dude.

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