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    Straight Female / 41

    This might be a normal family situation but it certainly does not feel as such. When my daughter, Betty, turned 18, we had one of our sit-down talks and we both agreed that she was now an adult and I should not attempt to control her sex life. Betty confessed that she had a very high sex drive and her vagina seemed to have a life of it's own and wanted to be fed "the bone" (as she put it) all that time, whenever possible. She said that she was "sneak fucking" boys from age 14 or so. She did agree to go with me to a psychiatrist and have an examination.

    Nothing negative was found by the exam so I decided to just stop being a control freak where Betty's private life was concerned. Betty's sex activities often take place elsewhere but she often brings home one of several boys I know she is fucking. Our bedrooms share a common wall and the wall seems to paper thin because I can hear everything. I went from shock to fascination then interest as I began to masturbate to Betty's activities. One of the boys is highly verbal and describes what they are doing and what he wants them to do, He also describes how what they are doing feels to him. He also always scrams out, "I'm coming, I'm coming...NOW."

    This sexual narrative caused me to have multiple orgasms and I sometimes used both hands, soaking them with my wet genitals, often using toys, some old, some new, some that I know Betty would sneak out of my room to use when she was younger, so those were my favorite ones because I could imagine our vaginas somehow connected through the toy we had both used and that it was my vagina, not hers, slurping loudly as the boy hammered away on it.

    I have not brought up the subject to my daughter but she must know that I can hear all of it. This has been going on now and my imagination is running wild. I'm wondering what would happen if I simply walked in on Betty, nude while she was being fucked. She gets so much and all I get is my hands and toys. I have to think about this. I wish there was someone to discuss the entire situation with but there is no one. My husband abandoned us for a "new model" when Betty was ten years old.

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    Her psychiatrist doesn't seem to think she has daddy abandonment issues. It may be taboo, but you might ask if she is willing to share a guy. It would have to be someone she is very into who wouldn't mind exploring mom-daughter threesome.
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    1st, No it's not a normal family.
    2nd, get your own man. You don't describe yourself but it doesn't matter. There are plenty of men & women who will fuck the shit out of you no matter what you look like.
    Just because YOU think it might be ok to walk in on them doesn't mean your daughter does.
    3rd, realize your bisexual.
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    Hell. I will talk to you about it. I would like a lot more details. You made me extremely horny. You can email me. I am a married man that has needs my wife will not do. So I seek pleasure secretly elsewhere.


    It is a normal email address. AC messes it up. At y a h o o dot com
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    I'm a woman your age and as horny as you have become. I still have a trim body and while my tits sag a little my ass holds up, and no, it's NOT easy to find and hook up with a proper fuck buddy at our age. My suggestion to you would be to have a good talk with your daughter. Young men dream of fucking a mother daughter team and indeed some professional sex workers are that and they stay busy. I can't imagine her turning you down. She is, after all, highly sexed. She does not have to engage in sex with you to to offer a team deal. The real draw to it is its rarity. If I had horny daughter her age I would talk her into it. You can tell the young man to stack you and go from one vagina to the next. That should drive him up the wall.
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    Never expose yourself to these vacuous boys.It's always your life and you can do whatever you wish to do with it.However,mind well,these boys go from women to women and then to the entire town about what a whore you are.Once you let your daughter know about your activities,she will testify against you too.

    If you must get a man ,don't get a shallow one.All of us have fantasies,and they need to be kept tucked away in our mind.Acting upon them is not a matter of morals,but of consequences.Your daughter too has been taking a lot of risks.With boys/men,what they do is fine but when women do it,she is a slut.I am a man and so know it,so be warned.
    Get a faithful lover/husband for you who will maintain your dignity and understand your needs as legitimate.No multiple lovers to ape your daughter.Warn her as well but aft
    erwards,it's her responsibility.She has to stick to one boy who satisfies her.You too do the same.Then at least reputation stays intact.
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    I agree with #5.We men are hypocrites and braggarts.

    You the O.P. and #4 shouldn't worry at all.You are not old.You can still find your match.Now you have experienced life and so should make safe decisions .

    Looks and such superficial features won't matter if a real decent and dignified man comes along.He won't care for your looks if that's what you both are worried about and want appreciation.Look for depth and not animal pleasure.

    I am single and ready for you. There are many like me and you don't know about them.Think it over.
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    Get a man, not a boy. You're talking about the kind of stuff that, if it gets out after you've done something like this, you could go to jail for and ruin your life. Not worth it. Don't be one of those whackjob ladies.
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    "With boys/men,what they do is fine but when women do it,she is a slut.I am a man and so know it,so be warned."

    What you are saying is, you have abused women and later bragged everyone what a whore they are.

    Fuck off!

    OP, get a man, not boys like #5 and #6

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