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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    Tom and I work for a very large (employees) company. When I first started, my immediate supervisor, Tom, who is around 10 years older than me, walked into my office with his cup of java, closed the door after him and introduced himself. We chatted a while and got along famously. His coffee break visits became a tradition and I would miss them when he did not come in. This continued for two years and I told my wife about him where she asked if he was married and I said that he was.

    My wife, once a photo model (not a fashion model) looked amazing in a swimsuit so I had a photo of her in a bikini on my desk, that Tom admired. One day, Tom rushed into my office apologizing. He talked about our co-worker, Claudia, giving him a majestic chubby. He did not want her to spot it, for some reason, so he closed the door to my office and sat down. He said, "She does it to me every time she wears those clingy, knit dresses." Glancing down at his crotch my mouth flew open and I said, "Is that all you?" He said, yeah, but it looks bigger than it really is hard in my pants. Without another word, he unzipped and opened his pants. To me it did not look smaller while sticking out.

    I had never seen a cock like that, even while in the Marines. I kept staring at it and Tom said, "Well, it's real in any case, have a feel." I shocked myself taking a hold of his cock. It was so thick I could almost not close my fingers around, and it was hard, with a slight upward hook, a large head on it. Tom said, "Wow, that feels good, stroke it a bit and make my day." I stroked his cock best I could and found myself with my own erection, though nothing like Tom's. Tom said, "just a minute" got up and snapped my door shut with the lock. I unzipped my pants and he said, "not bad yourself." I had jerked one or two boys off back in school but did not see myself as gay or bi.

    Now I was wanking Tom and he was doing me. Holding my cock up, Tom began to lick and suck my balls. My mouth began to water for Tom's thick rod and for the first time in my life, I went down on a man. It felt good and quite normal to do. We took turns sucking each other off, each of us coming into the other's mouth and taking the entire load to swallow. We talked a bit, Tom unlocked my door to avoid suspicion and he then said something that surprised me. "You never met my wife, Nancy, but we have a deal and I have to confess extracurricular doings to her. I hope you don't mind." That was the beginning of a hot, bisexual, swinging relationship that seemed to start naturally but later I suspected that Tom and Nancy were conspiracy artists.

    What also surprise me was how quickly my own wife went for it all, and how much of it began with the bikini photo that Tom first spotted on my desk.

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