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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 32

    My neighbor is a woman in her late 40's who is a complete bitch. She complains about everything. One thing she real complains about is stepping on her property. If I am out mowing my lawn she makes it clear to me that I better not step on to her property and that the clippings better not end up on her yard. On garbage days, when I put my garbage out I always put it out in front of my house but she gets angry if I put it out near the property line.

    This week I had the week off from work. On Monday I looked out into my back yard and I see a woman out there. It was her. She was trespassing on my property. I had to take a second look because she was tanning and she was completely naked. I guess she she didn't know I had the week off so she decided to use my backyard which is very private compared to hers. I guess she didn't think i would find out but I did and snapped a few pictures of her in all her glory. I didn't confront her when I saw her that day but decided to wait to see if she would do it again. Next day same thing and I took more pictures. I was certain she would do it the next day too so I decided I would have my fun with it. I took some of the pictures I took of her, printed them off and left them out there. I secretly watched as she found the pictures. She was frantically looking around in a panic. She quickly left.

    Later that day when she saw me she asked about the pictures. I admitted I took them and put them out there. She threatened to call the police which I laughed at since she was the one who trespassed. I even told her the pictures were merely proof of her trespassing. She mentioned she was naked in them and all I said was that it was easy to see that. She pleaded for me to destroy them. I told her I wanted to tan with her in my yard tomorrow and we would talk. She reluctantly agreed.

    The next day she comes over in a 2 piece swimsuit. I asked if she tanned that way yesterday. She looked at me, and after a very long pause knew what I was asking, and removed them. She said "Happy!". I asked why she was always such a bitch to me. We began talking and truly had a real good talk and started getting along pretty well. She had only lived there a couple of years and I found out a lot about her. She said her ex-husband and her were still in the process of bitter divorce and she was just taking out on everyone. We talked longer and I told her she could get dressed. She apologized about being a bitch and told me I was real nice guy and didn't mind being naked with me. She complained about a sore back and I began to massage it for her. She said it felt nice but then asked me to stop which confused me. I stood there and she pulled my pants down. She then began giving me a blowjob which was a complete surprise. When done she told me to think of it as a beginning to make up for being a bitch to me. We lay naked for awhile before I got between her legs. She put up a little fight at first but my tongue seemed to be making her feel real good so she stopped fighting and let me continue but explicitly said "no cock". It all ended with my face getting very wet as she squirted a lot. She really enjoyed it and then said if I wanted I could get myself off and fuck her. I fucked her which had her moaning and it didn't take long for me to finish. After it was all done she left but called me later. She said it was the best time she had in a while but said we went too far. She then added she didn't mind going that far and hoped we could continue and she was up for it anytime I wanted.

    I hated my neighbor but now I love my neighbor.

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    Go for her.Just see to it that she comes into your house and not vice versa,also secretly recording the dingdong--which will again help in proving that she never resisted but you need evidence to prove that it was consensual as she is either schizo or a hypocrite,all the time apportioning blame on you--there is a possibility that she might be entrapping you to kill her ex .Enjoy her and possess her.She is yours to take.

    Keep us posted.

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