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    Gay Male / 29

    My first experience was working as helper in the garden department of Home Depot. The man responsible for it was a semi drifter named George who liked white boys. I found myself pushed back against the inventory staring at him with his snake in his hand. It was a snake, a black, thick spitting cobra snake. He called it a Billy club. He lived in this long term motel on the highway. He invited me over and would harass me the next day for not coming to see him. He would tell me that he was tired of beating off when there was a white boy he knew that wanted to swallow his black cock.

    The night I drove over my parents were out and I sat alone at the house and I wandered out. I drove over to the highway and passed the motel several times. I stopped and sat in the car for a long time. I finally got up the nerve and went and knocked on the door. He got it in my mouth first but had me get on the bed to get it in the ass. He was big and he worked it in. It was the first time I heard the expression boy pussy. I wasn't sore so much as I couldn't get the feeling out of my mind. I spent the night touching my asshole to see if it was still there. The next day at work he told me that I had to call him 'Mastah'.

    I dropped out of college in my junior year and joined the Coast Guard. It wasn't hard to fit in and I got along well with this career Machinist Mate. He liked young sailors and I liked Machinist Mates. He was white but he was proud of what he had. He said I told him about George to make him feel bad. I didn't, I just wanted him to know about George.

    I did my four years, I learned electronics and went to trade school and got some papers as an electrical tech. I stayed in California and tried Mexican and Korean, but I prefer black. I guess the Alabama country boy in me needs to be around southern blacks, I didn't get along well with blacks from California. I moved to Atlanta because of a friend I knew from the Coast Guard and he was well connected there and could introduce me to the right crowd. I definitely like black boys, but I can get along fine with a good old boy if I have to.

    George was one of a kind, a combination of an asshole and gentlemen, he always asked how I liked it.

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