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    Straight Male / 42

    Yesterday I had a body wax scheduled. I received a call from my waxer to tell me their air-conditioner was broken and being it was an extremely hot day I could change my appointment date with no penalty. When I go for a wax I am naked for the whole time so it didn't matter to me how hot it was but I asked her if it was a problem for her. She said it was no problem so I went for my wax.

    When I did get there it was very hot in the room. I was the only one getting any services done so it was literally just me and her in the store. She is a beautiful Russian women who looks to be only a few years older than me. I have been waxed by her my last 4 times there and, with the exception of the hair on my head, I get all my hair waxed off so she has seen me fully naked and pretty well touched every part of me. She never even bothers to have me covered in any way for the whole service.

    I am laying on the table and I can see she is sweating and using a towel to wipe it off. She makes a comment about being naked like me would be more comfortable. I told her I had no problem with it. She said she was joking and would get fired if she ever did that. She starts waxing me and is constantly making comments about the heat as she keeps wiping off sweat from herself. I reminded her I had no problem with getting naked and wouldn't tell anyone but she once again said she would get fired if she ever did that. My service usually lasts about 2 hours and after about 15 minutes of waxing she stops. She asks me if I really didn't mind her getting naked but was worried if her boss found out. I told her I didn't mind and promised to tell absolutely no one and told her she could just strip down to just her bra and panties.

    She then begins to undress and says she will keep her bra and panties on. She was down to her bra and panties and then said "what the hell" and off they came too. She had a nice figure, with great breasts, nice ass and a perfect hairless pussy. I couldn't hide my excitement because my cock became erect and she noticed and made a comment. She said it was the first time she had seen me that way. I told her it happens when I see a beautiful woman. She said she didn't feel that beautiful and felt old. I told her she was beautiful and she said I must think so because it would be had to fake that referring to my erect cock. She was doing my wax and there the 2 of us were naked just talking like it was no big deal.

    When we were done she asked if I wanted to shower. I was sweaty so I told her it would be a good idea. She asked if I wanted to shower alone or together. I was surprised by the question and told her together would be nice. There we were in the shower together and she was helping me soap my back and I helped soap her's. She had her hands on my ass and I did the same to her and even moved my hands to her breasts. When I slipped my hands lower and put them between her legs she stopped me so I did. She put her hand on my cock and said she shouldn't be doing this and began stroking me. She made me cum so I felt I owed her and tried to put my hands between her legs again. She tried to stop me but then told me she would let me touch her there but with hands only. I had one hand on her pussy rubbing it and the other on one breasts as I kissed her neck. We finished and I could tell she enjoyed what I did. She made me promise again to tell no one and said if her husband even found out her would kill her. I didn't know she was married but I did find out under the right circumstances she might be willing to do some sexual extracurricular activities.

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