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    Straight Male / 22

    I work for a landscaping company. Being that you always work outside in all types of weather and that it is physical labor work I always get very dirty and sweaty. After each day I go back to the office and there is a change room with showers that I take advantage of. Most guys don't shower and go right home. Most times I am the last one left in the office until lately. The business is owned by a husband and wife. Lately the wife has been staying late and walking into the men's change room while I am in the showers. It is one big shower room with no where to hide so with her standing at the entrance to the showers she sees everything you can't cover with your hands.

    The wife is very intimidating. The first time it happened she said, "I hope you don't have a problem with me catching you this way?". She has fired people for many little reasons so I didn't want to anger her and said, "It's not a problem" with my hands covering my cock and balls. She replied, "If it's not a problem, why are you hands where they are?". I knew she wanted them moved so she could see what they were covering. She then added, "Like working here?". I moved my hands and there she was seeing everything. She told me we could talk as I continued to shower. I did as she asked but there was no talking. She just watched me as I lathered and rinsed myself off. She also stayed to watch me towel off. I am not shy about being seen naked but felt a little abused and at the same time turned on being watched by her. Once I began to get dressed she said we can talk tomorrow and left.

    The next day she walked in on me again. She was very blunt and came right out telling me she likes seeing me naked and, since I told her I didn't mind, she will be seeing a lot more of me. I know what she was doing might be considered abuse but I didn't think so. I liked being watched. This became a regular occurrence but a few weeks later I asked her a simple question that may have changed things. I asked her is she had enough of seeing me naked. She replied, "You must be feeling the same way I am. It is becoming the same day after day but you don't need my approval to up the show." I didn't know what she meant. She said, "I didn't think you would ever offer and I am really excited now that you have. My husband has never even done that in front me. Do you cum a lot when you do?". Now I knew what she meant. I wasn't offering anything, I was just asking is she wanted to continue watching me shower and nothing else. She said, "You are becoming my favorite and this may even call for a raise". I was going to tell her I was not offering to masturbate for her but when she mentioned a raise I became more open to the idea. I then began to think more about being watched masturbating and became aroused by the idea. I had someone willingly want to see me do it and I didn't know if I would ever get such an opportunity again. There I was in the showers lathering up and stroking my cock. She was intently watching me and while I was doing it I began to get very embarrassed and wondered what the hell I was doing letting myself be watched doing this. I was getting close but was about to stop to save myself embarrassment when suddenly it was too late to hold back and stop. I began to cum and she watched as it all was shooting out. It was a first letting someone watch me do something I had only ever done in private. She looked very excited with what she had just seen and I now felt very embarrassed. The more I thought about it the less embarrassed I became and turned on.

    The next shower it was expected I would do it again and did. This went on for just over a week when she asked me to turn off the water in the shower. She walked up to me and wrapped her hand around me and began stroking it. I made no effort to stop it and enjoyed the fact she was doing it for me. She had now escalated things further and made me cum.

    A few days later she came in again and tells me to go with her. She brings me into the women's change room and takes off her bottoms. I am seeing her pussy and she says she wants me to watch her masturbate. She sits on a bench and begins to do so as I watch. She stops masturbating, removes the rest of her clothing, lays back on the bench, spreads her legs and tells me to hurry up. I couldn't believe what she was asking but who was I to argue with her. We fucked each other and afterwards showered together. She told me her husband was going away for a few weeks and this was what she expected.

    For the next couple of weeks, at least once a day we fucked. She was very aggressive about it and you couldn't really say NO. Even after her husband was back she would visit me on job sites wearing dresses with no panties. She would pull my pants down, flip her dress up and want a quickie from me. It was like she was obsessed with fucking me. This happened for about the next 6 months before they sold the business and moved too far away for anything to continue.

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    Did you ever get the raise?
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    Everytime she spread her legs I did. I did also get a couple extra dollars in pay.
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    Their moving away is a dampner. Otherwise, the story was developed and was progressing nicely.

    Did she not communicate with you later?She actually might since it won't be possible for her to get a obedient man like you everywhere.

    Let us know if she does and you meet again.Give reference of this confession then.Let's see how she does that.

    By the way,was she good looking or was downright plain so as to be so nasty with many men?

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