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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Male / 18

    It was a year ago now, I got stuck in another city and tried to hitch my way home. One guy stopped and with his rolled down window made it very clear that I'd have to blow him for the ride. After 3 hours and no one stopping I got in. He drove a while, then said that it was time to pay up and he pulled over to a secluded area, got out and I followed him. He leaned up against a tree, pulled his pants down and knowing what he wanted, I got down in front of him and sucked him. He told me to take off my pants and shirt so there I was naked sucking a cock for the first time. He told me at first that I'd have to swallow, but he was nice enough to warn me that he was cumming. His precum was so heavy I thought he was cumming then, but no; I found out what having a cock shoot off in your mouth really felt like in a few moments after that. I swallowed, opening my mouth letting him see his sperm inside my mouth then swallowed and let him look and see it gone. He grabbed my cock and jacked me a few times then we pulled up our pants and went back to the car. He didn't make me cum because he said he wanted me horny. He kept pinching and pulling on my nipples the whole time we were driving.

    I sucked him one more stop a few hours later. Then around midnight, with it raining he pulled over to a motel and got a room, and let me out. There I was late, sleepy, my mouth tasting like stale sperm, in the raid and I just pulled up my legs to my chest as I sat in the rain waiting for a car. Then I heard his voice, he told me I could come in with him if I wanted to stay dry but I'd have to take a fucking. "It's better than being cold, wet and getting sick out here tonight" he added. Resigned I went into his room. He used hand lotion to lube and fucked me right away. I laid down, he told me to keep naked in the bed. I was so sleepy I didn't even go to the bathroom to get rid of his cum and the lotion. I felt I had to go, but was too tired. Around 3:30am I woke up on my back, my legs up and him on top of me fucking me again. He kissed me, sucked my nipples, telling me what a hot little fuck I was. I bucked back into him, moaning and groaning, begging him for it hard and fast. That got him off and I got up and emptied myself from two fucks.

    The next day he offered to take me the rest of the way to the coast, if I'd stay with him and be his girlfriend for the next 3 days. He sweetened the offer with some pot, food, and $100.

    I took it. I let a guy fuck me for 3 days and a night just so I could get back home. I've never sucked or fucked another guy since, but I need money again, and I'm thinking of letting some older guy fuck me to get it.

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