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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    All he said to me was "Nice butt kid". And I was somehow thinking of gay sex. I'd seen him eyeing me up as my mates played a pool ball game, yet I didn't think of him as gay. After all, he was with his wife.
    She was as usual staying in the shade sat fifty yards away, with yet another drink getting herself drunk again. Her husband, the all muscle body builder type, who was definitely in his mid forties strangely appealed to me.
    His next comment was straight to the point. "She'll be asleep in no time, I'd love to slide my dick between those buns, up for it?". It was a question, but said in such a way he left himself a way out, as he looked at his wife saying it.

    I knew precisely what he meant and I signaled without answering him, to my mates I was going to the room for a kip. They all laughed, as I'd gotten drunk the night before and had slept, kind of, (Another less than complimentary confession) on a sun lounger down by the beach.
    Within minutes I was in his room and staring at a muscle I knew I'd be sucking on. His cock was already hard. Not the longest cock I'd ever sucked on, but certainly with his amazing body, thick and meaty.
    None of my mates suspect even now, that I'm bisexual, so I don't tell them and staring at his beautiful dick, I began to salivate expecting to taste his weapon.

    None of it. I was thrown onto the sofa, had my shorts ripped off and then felt the cold substance being slapped over my arsehole. I was about say something to protest, but he gave me no time to as his cock was thrust up my arse. This was no getting to know you fuck. He was taking me whether I wanted him to or not.
    When his cock bottomed out, he grunted something unintelligible so I managed through gritted teeth to say "What was that", putting his mouth to my ear, he repeated "I'm going to fuck the arse off of you". And that's precisely what he did. As I've said his cock wasn' the longest, seven inches maybe, but it was very thick and it stretched my hole.
    Right from the word go, he pounded into me and it took a few minutes for me to get into it. I'd been fucked many times before, mainly by my uncle (Another confession somewhere along the line, maybe) but his cock and the whole scenario was so horny to me. My dick responded and it became ultra hard the more he fucked me.

    I was like a rag doll with him, a human fuckhole and he was taking full advantage of the situation. Telling me to lay on my back, he then lifted my legs to his huge chest and slammed his cock back into me. It was then my cock exploded without warning. It was and still is the only time I'd cum without prior feeling or any sense or orgasm.
    His grin told me I wasn't his first to cum like that and he thrust into me harder and harder. Sweating a lot, he wiped his shaven head, told me I was going to be his fuck tool for his remaining time there, and promptly came deep inside my bowels.

    The feeling of his sperm filling me up gave me a little orgasm, a semi dry one, but one which made up for not being ready for the first. Then when he'd fully cum, he slid his cock out and shoved it in my face. I knew what he wanted as I'd done it lots of times before. Taking hold of his slippery cock shaft, I opened my mouth, then licked and sucked his cock clean of his cum and my anal cream.
    Only fifteen minutes after leaving the poolside, he was walking back to it and his sleeping wife. And I was in our room about to take a shower. It was one of many showers I took after he'd fucked me during our holiday to that Spanish island, and since our return in early May his cock has become a regular piece of man meat to enter my arsehole.

    They live only twenty minutes drive away from my home, and we often meet up at a well known place. It's a beautiful spot overlooking a Derbyshire hills, and close to a reservoir. Occasionally we fuck at his place, but mostly it's outdoors and each time he never fails to drive me wild with his lustful animal ways of fucking me.
    One day I might come out to everyone, but right now I'm having too much fun fucking my girlfriend, and taking a body builders cock deep up my fuck hole.

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