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    My sister-in-law asked if I would take a look at her laptop as it was having an issue and wouldn't boot up. I agreed and she dropped it off for me to have a look at when ever I had a chance. She gave me all her passwords so I could log in. I got it going and logged in to test a few things to make sure it was working properly. In doing so I came across some very sexual video's of her and some of her ex-boyfriend and 4 of his guy friends and one other girl.

    My SIL was naked and posing in ways that showed almost every inch of her body focusing on her naughty bits. In the video the guys tried to get the other girl naked too but she refused but did flash her ass and tits once. She was clothed and kissing and fingering my naked SIL in one video and encouraged my SIL to strip and do sexual things in most of the others. SIL was masturbating in some videos as were most of the guys. It seemed the other girl was there mostly to record video of everyone. These videos seemed to be taken at different times and in most cases it was my SIL being the only naked and doing things.

    One video really got my attention. It was my SIL naked with her ex-boyfriend and his 4 guy friends naked too. They were having sex with her and pretty well poking her any way they wanted. They had her pretty well doing whatever they asked her to do and she seemed to willingly do it.

    It was pretty HOT to watch but I am torn whether I tell my SIL what I saw or do I say nothing?

    I don't know what my wife would say if she knew what her sister did and how she would feel with me seeing her sister naked doing those things.

    In case you are wondering I did take a copy of the videos for myself because they were just too good to pass up.

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    I want to see the video
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    Say nothing. And post the video somewhere we can see it.

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