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    Straight Male / 32

    One of my embarrassing moments was when I went swimming at a hotel pool. I jumped in the water at the deep end began doing a length of the pool when something didn't seem right. I reach down and realize I am no longer wearing my swimsuit. It was gone. It was a Speedo type and rather old. I could see it at the bottom of the pool in the deep end and being I am not a strong swimmer couldn't swim down to pick it up. I tried numerous times but failed each time. I could see it and noticed the sides had ripped at the seam. I am guessing when I hit the water the sides of the suit ripped open and the suit came off me. There were about 5 people in the pool area who got a good laugh. I didn't grab a towel when I came out so I first ran over to location where they are kept only to find there weren't any there. I then had to run back to the change room trying to cover myself best I could so as to not give too much exposure.

    The next day one older woman recognized me from the pool and told me I made her night. She tells me she recorded the whole thing on her phone and proceeded to show me. The video started with be swimming and you could see my bare ass out of the water. It shows me realizing my suit was gone and then me trying to dive down to get my suit at the bottom of the pool. Seeing this part made me realize that this is where I exposed myself the most. When I tried to dive down my upper body was underwater but from my waist down was out of the water. My cock was fully exposed to everyone and the video caught it. When I ran out of the pool I at least used a hand to cover myself not showing off too much. The woman asked if I wanted a copy, took my email and sent me a copy.

    A few days later I began to get emails from people making comments about my pool incident. It turns out the women showed them my video and gave them my email address so they could send me their comments. It was mostly her friends she showed it to and one friend wrote back with comments and pictures of herself naked telling me she was interested and asking if I was too. It was funny because I wrote her back and we skype'd. This woman is 26 years older than me, lives across the country, and when we were on cam she got naked. She convinced me to as well and we then both masturbated together. That was a very first for me. We have skype'd a quite few more times since and sometimes it is purely sexual and other times it is just to chat. We even talked about meeting up at some point for both some sexual and non-sexual fun. It may seem very strange but I feel real safe, trusting and comfortable around her. She could easily have recorded what we did online but I have no worries. I am heading her way in a couple of months and look forward to meeting her in person and if she wants I am more than willing to be sexual with her.

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