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    Straight Female / 23

    Are there any racist white men out there who secretly want to fuck a black girl?

    I have a submissive fantasy about being in a group of racist white men who are lustful of my body, which is slim waisted and firm. I'm curious to know if you're this kind of person of you would be interested in this and what you would do if you ever had the chance. oxo

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    I certainly am!! I'd love the opportunity.
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    i would love to as wel
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    I am a white male in my 50's and some people consider me a racist. I think of just being proud of my race just like everyone else. A few years ago, I often stayed at a motel, for work reasons, that had a black woman that typically worked the front desk at night. We were friendly toward each other and I would compliment her from time to time. One evening around 11pm, I walked through the lobby and she said I must have had a longer than usual day. I had a 6 pack of beer under my arm and said I was going to down a few of them, maybe play with myself, then hit the hay. She said she might come down and help me. I just laughed it off then went on to my room, stripped and took a quick shower then sat naked on the bed and drank 2 beers fairly quickly. I had just opened the third when there was a slight knock on my door and then she let herself in with her pass key. I was trying to cover myself as she walked in and looked right at my cock then asked if she could have a beer and help me with anything else. I asked if she was serious when she said she just wanted to suck me then let me go to sleep. I quit trying to cover up and she sat on the bed, grabbed my cock and leaned down to suck it. She was very good at it and very soon she was bobbing up and down making me feel great. She stopped long enough to tell me to let her know when I was cumming, then went back to sucking. She pulled on my balls as she sucked then I felt it cumming let her know. She sped up her sucking then swallowed as I came in her mouth. She swallowed a few times then sat up and told me she had wanted to do that for a long time. I told her she should have said something sooner and if she wanted, she could do it anytime she wanted. She then got up and said she would take me up on that offer.
    Two nights later, at a little after midnight, she let herself into my room. I was naked in bed and she spread my legs and said she was hungry for more white man cum. She sucked my cock until it was hard then started licking and sucking my balls. Before she took my cock back into her mouth, she asked if I would call her a n****r while she sucked me. I was a little apprehensive as she did have my cock in her tooth filled mouth but figured I'd see what happened. I told her I liked the my little n****r was sucking my cock. She moaned and sucked even harder then asked if I liked having a cum loving n****r to suck my white cock and I told her she was a very good n****r to suck my cock for me. She stood up and took off her shirt and bra then told me to suck her n****r tits. I sucked her nippkes for a few seconds then told her I would really like to fuck her black ass and pussy. She said she didn't have enough time for that then got on her knees and told me to hurry and feed her some cum. She sucked like a starved whore as i continued to call her a n****r cock sucker until I came and she swallowed like before. This time when she stood up, she french kissed me then pulled her bra and shirt on and told me she had to get back to work. This went on for several months whenever I stayed there with her always telling me to call her a n****r slut, cock sucker, black c**t and several other names. I never did get to fuck her but did finger her pussy and sucked her big black tits many times. If I would get the chance to fuck another hot black girl like that, I know I would in a heartbeat!

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