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    Straight Male / 40

    I married a woman ten years older than me. She still looks sexy AF to me and we get along great, except in the bedroom. She has some minor health problems, leaving her tired and not much in the mood for sex anymore.

    At first I said not too worry I still loved her regardless. After a few months without sex I began to have dreams of fucking with past girlfriends, female friends, even dreamed about fucking my sister in law.

    I work with a lot of women, young, old, and in between. When I had a moment I began to have fantasies of fucking them. I began to watch porn on my laptop at night after my wife went to bed.

    It had been almost nine months since I had actual sex. One evening I was on the way home from work I decided to stop and have a drink, there was no sense rushing home, my wife would be just sitting there with her tablet with the tv on.

    My one drink turned into four, when I left the bar I was buzzing pretty good. I walked around the corner to my car, out of the corner of my eye in the shadow was some gal standing there having a smoke.

    I wasn't so far gone that I hadn't noticed her rather short skirt, knee boots, blonde curly hair. I just stopped and looked over at her, she asked if I was interested in a date. The idea sounded great except for the fact her voice sounded off some how.

    I walked over and pulled out a cigarette, asked her if she had a light. She had one in her hand, she extended her arm and flicked her bic. I leaned in and glanced up into her face. Her lips were painted, eyes with mascara and liner. She had a nice face, something wasn't right I could sense it, even with a buzz going.

    I took a hit of my cigarette and she repeated the question, if I wanted a date. I asked her how old she was, she said old enough. I glanced around the parking lot, just had a weird feeling about it.

    Suddenly she took a step towards me and put her mouth to mine and started kissing me, her hand was at my crotch in just the right way. My cock jumped inside my pants as our tongues swirled against each other.

    She pulled away and told me it would be $100. I kind of froze for a moment. Then I asked if she had a problem going to a hotel with me. She just smiled and took my hand and I led her to my car. We drove only a short distance when she said to turn. It was a low budget hotel but I think neither of us cared if it wasn't a five star hotel.

    I checked in, she stayed in the car. Our room would be at the far end of the building, that was fine with me. We entered the room and I turned the light on. When my eyes adjusted to the light, that's when I really noticed this girl wasn't all girl.

    She had a a nice body, not sure what was under her bra but I had a damn good idea what was under her short skirt. She held out her hand, she even had nice manicured nails like my wife used to have. Her lips were red and with makeup, she was a passable Cd.

    I took my wallet out and handed her five 20's. She snatched the cash quickly, and put the money in her little purse she had with her. She tossed the purse on the bed and dropped to her knees instantly.

    She unzipped my pants and had my cock in her mouth before I could even think of changing my mind. Oh my god her mouth felt wonderful, my cock reacting to her oral stimulation. I bagan breathing hard within moments.

    I looked down at her as she sucked my cock. Those red lips sliding back and forth, and I told her to look up at me. She tilted her head and I looked down into those well made up eyes, her fake eyelashes batted at me as I began to push my cock deeper into her mouth.

    My cock was steel hard, any port in the storm I suppose? I tried not to think about what was under her skirt, but I found myself suddenly wanting to know. I was close to cumming, it had been so long since anyone made me cum, besides my own hand. I told her to get on the bed, she froze for a moment, I was thinking she wasn't into doing that. She got to her feet and said that would be extra. I pulled out my wallet, I had $60 cash. I held it out, she debated in silence.

    Then she took the cash and placed it on the desk next to the tv. She turned and crawled onto the bed. She wore stockings and black high heel knee boots. She didn't ask for me to wear a condom and I didn't have one. She slid her panties down her legs and I helped her pull them the rest of the way off.

    I undressed quickly, got on the bed behind her. I spread her booted legs, lifted her black vinyl skirt and there was her pink hole waiting to be used. She said she was clean, I thought she meant she didn't have Std's. What she meant was her asshole was washed out. I spit on my hard cock and pushed it into her ass.

    She cried out loudly, I was hungry for sex. I wanted that hole more than anything. She reached back, trying to get me to go slow. My cock ached for release, I wanted to fuck more than breathe air right then.

    Deeper I pushed, she fought me, my cock inching deeper inside of her. She clawed at the bed covers, my cock filling her tight hole. I started to talk shit to her, calling her a cock whore and things I don't even remember now. She cried out once more as I pushed my cock balls deep into her tight ass.

    I began to fuck her, trying to go slow, make it last. It had been so long, I was beyond going slowly. I fucked her hard and fast, my hands with a death grip on her hips. I saw her right arm moving quickly underneath her, it took me a moment to realize what she was doing. She was jerking her cock as I was fucking her.

    Now it was me crying out loudly, I felt my orgasm exploding deep into her ass. I slammed my cock into her like a mad man, pumping my hot cum into her hole with each thrust. And then she collapsed onto the bed, my cock still buried inside of her. I pumped my cock into her hole several more times before the feeling of relief washed over me.

    I collapsed on top of her, my heart pounding against her back, my cock still buried inside of her ass. I pushed my hips downwards, she groaned underneath me. I did this several more times and then finally pulled my cock out and fell onto my back on the bed.

    I expected her to jump out of bed, take the money and leave. Instead she curled up next to me and lay there quietly. I looked down, her vinyl skirt bunched up around her waist, I could see her cock, she was hard as I had been. I could see the wetness of cum dripping out of her own cock.

    I asked if she wanted to cum, she only nodded her head, not speaking a word. I reached down and took hold of her wet cock and began to stroke her slowly. That was the first time I had even touched another cock. She rolled over on her back, spread her booted legs, letting me jerk her cock. She said nothing until she came, moaning loudly as the first squirt of cum shot into the air like a geyser. I kept pumping her, her thick white cum showering down over my own hand. I kept stroking her cock until she was spent, she pushed my hand away when she was done.

    At some point we gathered ourselves and left the hotel. I asked if she wanted to stay, she said she needed to get home. I drove her to the end of her block and dropped her off. Before she left the car I asked for her number, she took my phone and put it into my address book.

    We meet once a week, same hotel as the first time. I gave her extra money, she uses it to buy clothing, shoes, and boots. I know nothing about her, I don't ask. I don't want to ruin this situation between us. She needs the money and I need the sex that she gives me............

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    Straight!? Who are you trying to kid - yourself? Because you're not kidding anyone else.
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    Well he may have been straight before. I don't care, I liked the confession regardless.
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    Like he said, any port in the storm. I don't know if I could it if I was in his situation.

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