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    Straight Male / 42

    True story of my firt bi experience:

    It was the 3rd night of a week long trade show and conference. It was the night all attendees were on their own for following the afternoon sessions. Several of our industry vendors had scheduled "Open Hospitality Suites" from 5pm until 7pm. If one visits 3 of the 5 vendors for drinks they are, in most cases, drunk by the last even if they make all 5 vendors. I was in my room on a conference call regarding issues and problems at the home office and it was 7:30pm before I was able to leave me room. The first 2 vendors suites I went to had already closed and those vendors were on their way to the Casino. I was getting on the elevator when one of my collegues was in the elevator and told me there was one vendor suite with a few people. I rode to the lobby floor with him and then went back up to the top floor suite in hopes of a good stiff drink or two.

    Walking from the elevator toward the suite I passed a couple of people I knew who told me I was still in time for a drink as there were still people in the suite. When I went into the suite I saw a handfull of people. By the time I finished my first drink and went to the bar for the second, the bar tender was packing up his mobile bar. The host came over and told the bar tender to leave a couple of bottles of liquor and some beer as there were still 4 people.
    Within the next few minutes the bar tender had gone, as well as two of the other collegues. That left the vendor host and a collegue from a sister location. The guy from our sister company told me he had recieved a text and knew there were issues at my office. We set down on the sofa as the host poured my third drink as he and I talked.

    The personal issues I was dealing with evolved around a very well qualified gay man who had been transferred to my office in a senior management position and a homophobic, conservative, Republican man resenting a gay man telling him what to do. It had taken months for his resentment to surface, however, with me being gone all week that employee had been lobbying for a revolt demanding I fire the well qualitied gay man when I got back...or...

    Th e vendor host was listening to our conversation and commented that being gay or straight should have no bearing on ones ability to do their job or their, justified promotion. We all aggreed as each of the other two shared issues they had enountered regarding gay and bi individuals. Over the next couple of hours we had eaten (ordered in) in the suite and were working on a real buzz.
    tOur conversation has evolved to porn, women we hooked with on the road and my collegue admitting to some threewways on the road with another man and women. The vendor host put his lap top on the coffee table, turned it on to PornHub and were were drinking and watching porn. The conversation went back to gays and then to bi men when my collegue told the host to switch to "bi M/M/F" porn. I am now sitting between a collegue and vendor host watching men suck each other, take it in the ass while fucking and eating pussy. The host then said, "I see nothing wrong with what they are doing - it's raw, unhibited sex", and my collegue agreed. I have turned down blow jobs from guys since I was in middle school. My guy sex was limited to circle jerks in middle school and one while I was in college.

    The host typed into the search tab "Gay threeways" and up came hundreds of videos and he opened the first. I wasn't saying anything but the other two's conversations was leading to admissions of bi activity. When I noticed my c9llegue rubbing his crotch I was frozen not knowing what was about to happen. Then, the host was rubbing his crotch, so I decided I needed to leave and stood up. Howevere, I was not steady on my legs and set back down on my ass. I told my collegue to swap seats, which put me on the end and the two of them beside each other. They asked it I would be offended if they got comfortable and I said, "do your thing."

    Both unzipped their dress pants with their had dicks now exposed. I heard the host say, "damn what a cock." That is when I looked and my collegue (a bi racial, married man) was stroking the biggest cock I have ever seen; it was a big as any cock I had seen on porn. He had one hand on it (at the base) and the host had his hand on the top and the head was sticking out. Together they were stroking it real slow. The host leaned over and engulfed the head into his mouth. My collegue had his had on the back of his head and was hunching his cock head in and out of his mouth. That was the point I felt a stiring in my groins for the first time - EVER with a man. That is how I like to face fuck females.

    They pushed the coffee table back as the host hit his knees. My collegue stood up (back towatd me) as he face fucked our vendor host. I could not see the cock in his mouth as was looking as my collegues ass cheeks. Now my collegue knelt, the host stood up and he took his cock into his mouth. Now he is fucking his cock in and out the mouth of my collegue and friend. My cock was so hard I thought it would burst out the zipper. The host looking at my hard cock in my pants told me to "unzip and let it out". Liquor or whatever, I stood, unzipped and hauled out my hard, throbbing cock. The host pulled my cllegue of his cock turning his head back to look at my dick. He turned completely, reaching for my cock stroking it as I looked down. Then, he took my cock into his mouth and I gasped with pleasure as he devoured my hard cock.

    My eyes were closed and mu head turned up as I felt my collegue guide my cock to the mouth of our vendor host. I looked down and two married men were now taking turns sucking my cock and balls. They had only been on me a couple of minutes and I was about to blow. So I pulled back placing my hand over my cock. Drool was drippping out of me like sap from a maple tree. My collegue said, "your cock tells my you like this." I shook my head yes. The host placed his hand on my shoulders pushing down, and to my knees I went. He took the black cock of my collegue and guided it to my mouth which I willingly opened.

    Had anyone ever told me I would suck a dick or even think about doing so, I would have called them a lie. Now, here i am sucking on my college and our host vendor, on my knees with hands on my head and being face fucked like I did the females. Drool was pouring out of my cock onto the carpet and I was thoroughly enjoying partaking of the forbidden fruit.

    We took off our cloths and moved to the bed where I watched my collegue shove pubs deep into the ass of another married man and I was wanting some too. Needless to say, when I shoved my dick in his ass it went in with ease and my collegue laid on his back and slid under the host, who I was fucking doggy, and he licked my balls and the bottom om my dick as I fucked my first man pussy. I was on my back with my legs spread wide as they took turns sucking my to an orgasm with shot cum all the way to the head of the bed, They licked every drop of cum on my body and even kissed me some. My cock was still semi hard when our host twisted my head towad the foot of the best, got over me doggy sucking my cock and I was sucking his. My collegue stood at the foot of the bed fucking him over my face and we all got off again. That was the first time a man ever cum in my mouth.

    It was 5am when we left the host vendorrs suit returning to each of our room to shower and get ready for the last day. Fortunatly that day ended at noon with an ending lunch. As soon as we could get to the host suite were were naked and sucking each other. To my shock and surprise, my collegue had invited another bi, married man to join us. We each sucked getting each other off a time or two. Around midnight, after being fucked by the host and other guy, I took my collegues big thick, black dick in my ass and it only took a few minutes until I shot off all over the place, and without touching myself.

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    No company would send someone with as poor spelling as this to a trade conference.

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