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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Straight Male / 22

    Misleading, because I don't hate my neighbor, I'd actually love to do her. My neighbor is a 30-something single mom of 2 and is back on the dating scene. The issue? When she drinks and has a boyfriend over, she gets real loud during sex. She curses up a storm, with language that would have made my college football team blush.
    During the summer and I'm in the pool or when the windows are open, I can hear her not only giving directions but usually insulting her partner. Luckily, the kids are at their Dad's, because if they were hoe, I'm sure someone would call Child Protective.

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    Why not approach them while they are at it? You can threaten them legal action for violating the peace of the neighbourhood. Once they are apologetic and the guy leaves,act as if you will follow up on your threat so as to evict her.She will be yours.
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    I have neighbors who are extremely loud, too. There also both in their 20s and extremely attractive. I sometimes find myself torn between calling the cops when they;re fucking or trying to look in their windows.

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