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    Straight Male / 35

    My wife finally got fed-up with "making love" to a rubber bag with a nine inch cock protruding, and began an affair with the divorced guy in the house next door! Once she had decided they were good together, and he was "bi-curious" she brought him home, and showed me off, trussed up in my long rubber-lined bag, on our bed. "Cool!" was his response. "Very cool...." thoughtfully. "You okay with this?" she asked. "Hell yes! Always thought he was a spineless little bastard anyway! Wondered what a fox like you was doing with him!" She laughed, and said "He's a good provider....generous's been okay, but I feel the need for REAL sex with a REAL man! Like you....." Then they were at it, frantic, on the bed beside me, while I lay helpless, sealed into silence in my inescapable bag, with survival air only, via the two tiny airholes above the airtight zipper across my mouth. A deep dark sick part of me really appreciated this humiliation, and wondered eagerly what might happen next....eventually they finished, and she said she had a date with "the girls" that evening! "Why don't you stay with him, and see how you get along together? You can do anything you want with him - just don't kill him, accidentally or on purpose!" When she left, he came back and sat beside me on the bed. He slowly unzipped me at my groin, and my full nine-inch erection and my swollen balls, burst out into plain view. "Hmm! Pretty package!" he chuckled, and tightened the zipper round my roots, trapping me outside, and utterly vulnerable. He squeezed my testicles, harder and harder,until a despairing "Mmmmmmmmmmffffff!" was drawn out of me, to his amusement. "That's it?" he marveled. "Cool!!!" The squeezing got worse and my muffled protests more desperate. He mauled me, pulling, twisting, slapping, squeezing, and to my eternal shame, my erection got bigger and harder all the time! "Hah! You like that! Well, it just so happens, I love doing this, so you better get used to it! Gonna be a large part of your life!"
    When Emily came home, a little inebriated, he was kneeling over me, face fucking me frantically through the open zipper, as he tortured my swollen genitals. "Wow!" she giggled. "That is SO cool!" He laughed smugly. "Glad you like it! It's gonna happen a LOT, while you're recovering from our love-making! Or, at work, or out with the girls! We can have it all, can't we?" "You can have anything you want, big guy!" she slurred "Just take good care of me!" That was a year ago, and there is no end in sight. They seem very happy with the way they have things, and to my shame, so am I!

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    "Wow! Maybe I can persuade my wife to read this, and follow the lead! I know she has the hots for her boss at work! Maybe she'll bring him home one Friday evening, maybe with a three-day weekend........
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    Stupid and fake

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