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    Straight Female / 41

    I was never an attractive girl, big boned, five foot ten, red hair, pale skin. I never dated. One afternoon talking to a coworker, I was thirty-six then, he asked me out to eat. He was having problems with his wife and that day he was staying with a friend. We went for Mexican, we had a booth towards the back and after several margaritas he sat on my side of the booth returning from the restroom. He kept grabbing my hands, touching me, leaning on me and he kissed me sticking his tongue in my mouth.

    He followed me home and came in, he reached behind me cupping my breasts thrusting against me. I was still buzzed and I let him open my shirt, kissing my breasts until he got my bra off. He then went for me, tearing at me, pushing me into my bedroom, getting my pants off, giving me oral sex before having sex with me. That is how I lost my innocence. That night was my sweet sixteen.

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    was it enjoyable? were you happy doing it? are you still seeing him? give us more details of your feelings and what is going on now and what is going thru your mind
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    I was not unhappy doing it, it was enjoyable, we did do it again, but he is married.

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