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    Straight Female / 54

    In my late teens and early twenties I was a successful athlete, but my career went away. I went from bad job to bad job, sales, promotions until I got a job as a personal trainer in a gym in a small town. I live with an older man I met when I was trying to survive as a personal trainer. I am still fit and athletic but I am a housekeeper slash maid. My biggest failure is not having children. I am too old now and that hurts more than anything. This is a true story.

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    I can relate. For whatever reason, some people manage to get their dreams fulfilled and the rest of us face struggles most of our adult life.
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    You have done nothing wrong and you are not a failure.It's just that you think you are a failure and continuing with being a housekeeper/maid.

    Who said you are old? Leave him and look for a man who cares for you and you will get one.You can adopt a child or get involved with some task involving children and you will feel happy,without having to have your own children ,raise them,settle them and then feel that you have lost so much of your youth.

    Best luck,lady.Stand tall and be proud of yourself.Nothing is ever lost.
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    Human existence is far more complex than most understand. We live a "life" then reincarnate to live another. Looking at the bigger picture should give you a better perspective on "life." If you are unfamiliar with the term, reincarnation, Google it.
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    I agree with #2. The only person who can determine failure or not is you.

    You still have 20-30 yrs left hearing you are in good shape. Take some time for yourself and figure out what really makes you happy. Volunteer, work with kids or senior adults, find a job you enjoy.

    Youve got a lot of life ahead of you. If you dont like where you are now, change the channel, make a new start. Good luck.
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    #2 Again,O.P.

    Cheer up. I came back only to see how you are doing.Too old? Perish the thought.

    You can communicate with us if you feel so inclined.I do not know if we should( anyone of us) provide our emails here but I could have had the site been very secure.

    Thanks,#4 the advice about working with children is fine but working with senior adults will just make her feel more depressed.
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    Young Lady ----- Go For What YOU want. Period.
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    #3 commenter has clearly been watching too many reruns of Star treks with the tales of having life after life. Additionally, any insurgent who persists in a google world is a liberal goggletroll with a exponent of 40. In fact, gargle itself is exponentially a troll of liberalism, that crippling, fatal, mental disease of too many. Besides, there exist many search engines now that simply blow gargle away like dust in the wind.

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