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    Straight Female / 38

    My son Josh plays high school football and he often brings some teammates home after practice to jump in the pool or play video games. One of his friends is a big black guy named Amir. He is on the quiet side but very polite and friendly with a nice smile. He also has a big thick nine-inch cock as I just discovered for myself.

    He came by the house today and I sucked his big black cock and swallowed a hot thick load of cum. Then he fucked me all over the living room until he came a second time deep in my pussy. It was nearly time for Josh to come home so Amir went out to the pool and I grabbed my bra and panties off the floor and went upstairs. My pussy was sore but I felt wonderfully and totally fucked. I put on a clean pair of panties knowing full well his cum will be leaking into them while sitting at the dinner table my my husband and son.

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    I love of my biggest turn-ons is to kiss my husband hello with someone else's cum on my lips or in my pussy.

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    One of my biggest turn-ons is to have my wife suck my cock right after I fucked some slut.
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    Another stereotyped account of long and fat black cock.

    Also,you have unhygienic lifestyle.Why not head straight to the bathroom for a bath?
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    I 9nly hope that your son never finds out. If a dude from my school or a friend of mine fucks my mother and I find out.....then he's dead.
    It's as simple as that.

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