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    Straight Female / 43

    I was drunk at a party. I went upstairs to use the bathroom off a bedroom where I'd stayed with my husband many times. Trying to fix my dress after a guy came in. A very young guy who was about 23 or 24. He helped me with my skirt then rubbed my shoulders. i asked him what he was doing, he kinda brought me to the bed and sat me down saying he wanted to talk. What about? I said and he started saying how hot I was and how he'd been staring at me all night and how good he could make me feel. The whole time he was touching me. My shoulders, my back, my neck. Then he started kissing me. Started at my neck tried to work to my mouth I turned away saying I was married. He kept at it. i was a nervous wreck. Knew I should get out of there but he was saying all the right things and touching me just right and he was so attractive. It was such a turn on having a good looking young guy showing so much attraction to me.

    He kept on trying to seduce me and I kept on letting him. Then we kissed for real. He was such a good kisser and his hands were now massaging my breasts and trying to get between my legs. I let him touch me everywhere but there then he lay me down on the bed for a deep kissing session and my legs magically loosened up and he was feeling my pussy. I was so wet and horny and just not thinking that I froze when he moved down, lifted my legs and pulled my panties aside. I was shaking as he looked at it then moaned when he sucked me. He was so good at it I came really hard and really fast and before I knew what was happening his dick was sliding up inside me. He managed to pull out my breasts to suck on them while he fucked me with my skirt hiked up. I came again and then he finished inside me after less than ten minutes of fucking but it was so nice. He helped me square away my clothes and I went down stairs while he cleaned up. I felt wet the rest of the night and had to quickly wash myself when I got home because my husband wanted sex. While he was eating me and fucking me I was thinking of that young kid and when I came I was imagining him fucking me again.

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    Let it be a one time session and don't meet this youngster again.If you do,you will end up as a mistress to many other youngsters.

    Better to be with your husband and never drink so much.What's enjoyment if you lose yourself in alcohol-induced loss of control.
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    #1 you must have the worst self control and you are a loser, because you have projected your own fears to other people in several comments. Get help!
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    Hot story. You know its going to happen again sometime, you know you want it, to feel a little bit slutty, horny. Tell us about the next time.
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    I agree with #3. Bet hubby really gets into eating you out, then pounding you until your pussy clinches and sucks the cum from his nuts.

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