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    Straight Female / 27

    an ex took a lot of pics and video of me when we dated in college. Of course he posted some of them. and you know what it's fucking embarassing. I'm an adult now and every few months thise stuff comes back around. Someone calls to tell he hey that pic or that video was posted again. I have a career and I know every guy I work with has probably seen the pussy pics and the vid of me masturbating and finger fucking myslef and I just want it to go away.

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    You made an error of judgement and let him take your pics/videos.

    Now,instead of getting embarrassed,get the police on your side and sue him for outraging your modesty( by word,deed or gesture) and make him pay heavily if he wants an out of the court settlement.The police are under obligation to protect your privacy.So don't worry.

    How long are you going to get humiliated? Everyone will consider an easy prey.
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    I spoke to the police. The pics and vid he took were consensual. My state has no law against him posting them. The people posting them now I don't even know they are just getting re-posted by strangers.
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    Lets see them
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    Every state should have a revenge porn law. This is so illegal it makes my head spin. I hope you find justice!
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    Just ease up a bit. Be proud of your body and enjoy the attention. You can fight it all you want but it will probably just draw more attention. You let him take the pics and share them so what can you say.

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