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    I grew up in Ponce, Puerto Rico. My mother worked in a factory and my father was a police officer and security guard. My father liked me too much and my mother was jealous of me. One day my mother walked in and my father was hugging me and playing with my tits. Don't get me wrong, I liked it when my father hugged me and if he didn't put his hands on my tits I put his hands on my tits. I like having my tits played with. Anyway, my mother in her jealousy sent me to live with my grandmother who lived in San Juan.

    My grandmother was a mean old woman, a woman with more issues than anyone I have known. She was left by her husband when she was young and I'm sure she hadn't had a man since the day her husband walked out. Down the street from her house was a bordello, a strip joint and my grandmother complained all the time. All the girls that worked there had tits, like real tits and I started to imitate them, to show my tits. I would talk to them and make friends with them and they would admire my tits and tell me that I was the type of girl that the manager liked and as soon as I got older I could get a job there.

    I stared dancing at seventeen. The manager had some fake paperwork put together saying that I was nineteen. I made a lot of money, more money than my parents ever made. I loved dancing and being naked with the other girls. I loved watching them dance and I fell in love with this one girl. One day we made love. She showed me how to make love with her. She had shaved that day and she got naked and put this handkerchief over her pussy and told me to undress her and eat her out. It was my first taste of pussy. I loved it and we became lovers.

    She was a true pussy lover, a real true lesbian and she was in love with me. We had been lovers for a couple of years and she told me that she had a cousin in Miami and he would get us jobs and that we should move to Miami. In Miami her cousin got us jobs at this club where they gave him a commission for finding us. We had to work two years there before we could change jobs. We made good money, more money than we had made in Puerto Rico, but we also spent more money. We turned 24 at the club and it was clear that I was getting too old to dance there. My tits were not as firm, and I refused to get surgery so I was asked to leave. My girlfriend left with me.

    Her cousin, who was our manager, got us a job working for another club but the place was even worse and we decided to quit and get regular jobs. My girlfriend got a job as a sales representative at the apartment complex we lived in. I got a job as receptionist at a BMW car dealership. I spoke Spanish and the manager liked to have me out front because they had lots of Latin American clients who liked girls who were proud of their tits. I would have sat out there topless, but of course I had to wear something. We missed the money from dancing, we went from making thousands a week to making hundreds a week. My girlfriend's cousin tried to get us better jobs but everything he found was pretty bad, bad clubs and the girls were expected to be hookers and we weren't hookers.

    At the dealership the service manager started to flirt with me and he made a pass at me and I slapped him on the floor. I got fired. I was 25 and I had nothing, we had spent all the money we had made, we were living on my girlfriend's salary and commissions, we were out and out lesbians. After several months my girlfriend's cousin got me a job working as an accounts payable clerk at this shipping company that did business in Latin America. He told me that the owner had liked me and to be nice to the owner, to give him sex if he wanted it. That I needed to keep a job and I needed to get a breast lift if I wanted to stay in Miami.

    The owner of the business hired me to have sex with me. That was clear from the first day I went to work there. He told me he knew I was a dancer and he wanted a private dance in his office, to take it all off and dance for him. It is the first time I sucked a dick and it is the first time I had a dick stuck in me. I became his honey, and he wanted to move me to an apartment where he could come and see me. After a while we agreed and I moved to this apartment where he wanted me to live. I told him about my girlfriend and he told me that as long as I was fucking a girl he didn't care, but I was his girlfriend.

    He got my girlfriend a better job working for a real estate brokerage and I became his sugar baby and he didn't want me working. I got used to him, I saw him off and on, he wasn't always available, but when he was he wanted to come over and be treated nice. He liked my girlfriend and he liked for both of us to be nice to him and he liked to watch us make love. He bought a chair that he put at the foot of the bed where he could sit and watch us have sex. He paid the bills and we had to have sex with him now and again, dance for him and have sex in front of him. He started to masturbate when we had sex and we would clean him up afterwards. He liked having his dick sucked and he liked to look at our pussy. He paid the bills and he gave us money and he didn't care if we were lesbians. We were his sugar babies for ten years until he had a heart attack and he sold his business and moved to Arizona.

    My girlfriend had gotten her real estate license and she did very well selling real estate. The real estate office that he had set my girlfriend up with took care of rich clients from Mexico and Latin America that bought condos in Florida. My girlfriend and I are better lovers now than we were when we were dancing in Puerto Rico. I never got a tit lift, I like my tits the way they are and my girlfriend likes my tits. I love going topless for her and making love with her. We had a man in our lives for ten years and he helped us get on our feet and from time to time he sends us a gift. We are lesbians and we have been together for twenty five years, since that first job I had in Puerto Rico. I still love looking at girl's tits, I am a tit girl through and through. That's my weakness.

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    My parents were born in the San Juan area but I was born in NYC and a blonde boy until age 10 or so. I don't look Hispanic but relate to it. I love Borinquen and once drove to Ponce, a sweet little town. I recall driving by this far out Firehouse, all red, you probably know it. I spent all my years in the states and visited PR only a few times. I send you and your lady love warm greetings. Thanks for sharing your story.

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