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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    When I was finishing up freshman year at highschool I fell in love with a girl. And being a nerd I asked her if she has seen all the star wars movies. She replied no so I set up a date to watch all of them and we would watch them in order they were released.

    We cuddled on my couch watching them but ran out of time bc her mom didn't want her staying out late so we waited till the following day. As we finish return of the Jedi I had my first kiss as the second death star exploded. And a kiss turned into kissing and kissing into making out.

    As we stopped I put on the... Oh the horor the pReQaLs. But awhile into attack of the clones she stood up and sat on my lap facing me and asked if I wanted to watch this or have fun. I studdered and replied fum. No I didn't just misspell it that's how I said it.

    But first a visual for this. She was fourteen Latina 4.8 and we joked about her boobs bc some adults are jelous of them and and glasses.

    So she took off her shirt showing that she was about to bust out of her bra and we made out for awhile I think I busted a nut in my pants bc like gta strip clubs don't prepare you for that.

    After I'd say 23 minutes of kissing and boob play she took my pants down and while still kissing gave me a hand job. Again I didn't last long at all and she stopped and I said my turn and picked her up and layed her down. I swear I never fumbled more than when I tried to take her pants off. I did eventually tho and I began to finger her to orgasm so we where even.

    We cuddled on my bed the rest of my day there and we continued to do that for awhile never really going further until the fair omg my county was having a fair so we went held hands and junk and then something wack happened she grabbed my hand and ran to my car *I'm 16 at this point she's 15* and got inside and took her shirt off then her pants all while having each other's tounge down our throats and I couldn't take it anymore I was going mad and just ripped her panties off and started fucking we fucked for awhile *with a condom bc miss me with that baby shit* and her tits were going mad and as a consequence I was going mad absolutely tearing into her . Her boobs had so many hiccys but each time I lasted longer but let's be honest I'm a 16 yo nerd.

    I was absolutely in love with her she was my everything until she sent me a snapchat in the middle of math and told me hey we need to break up. I was devastated.

    Absolutely emotionally fucked.

    I found the why bc she didn't tell me why but she had been fucking another dude for awhile but he said she has to break up with me to continue she did. I was depressed for about two months when I realized I need revenge. So I fucked her boyfriend he was loving it and I loved his face on the Snapchat video.

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