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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I got laid off when I was 45 and I ended up with a job at Home Depot while I looked for a job in my profession (I am welder by trade). During that job I met a guy who had been retired when he turned 60 and he and I hit it off. One day I was at his house watching a ball game and his dog was on the carpet laying in front of us and he started to lick his penis. The penis stuck out of his sheath about four inches and I couldn't help but stare at it. My new friend told me that his dog liked to have his penis sucked. When I looked at him, he got down on his knees and took the dog's sheath in his hand and started to suck the dog.

    Along with a certain amount of disgust I got a hard on. He invited me to suck the dog and said he sucked the dog all the time and he was used to it so he would let me. After a few minutes he got back up on the couch and called the dog to him and he hugged the dog and let the dog lick his face. He told me that one day he was sitting there and the dog was licking his penis and he decided to see what it was like and he had been doing it ever since, but that he wanted to suck a man. He got up and got over me and kissed me on the mouth and slid down until he was on the floor between my legs grabbing my package and clawing to unzip my pants.

    I got my first blow job, he was thorough and he sucked really hard and he got me to cum. He took out his dick and offered it to me or if I wanted I could suck the dog. It was a nasty thing all around, he kissed me a dozen times got me to hold his hard dick and to put it in my mouth. By then we were naked on the couch and he wouldn't stop kissing me and he wanted to fuck.

    We went to the bedroom and he had me sit on the bed and suck him for a while and he went and got a tube of anal lube and told me to lean back so he could grease me up. The penetration was fast and complete and he fucked away until he had cum. After we had cleaned up he kissed me some more. We were going to get dressed but he told me to stay naked because it turned him on. We sat on the couch again and we kissed and grabbed each other's dicks.

    When I finally got up to leave he told me I was hot, his type and not to get jealous but he liked sucking off his dog but he would fuck me anytime. We got together after work, I loved kissing and being naked together, I got over my inhibitions and we had a pretty heated sex affair. He showed me how he got his dog to cum by holding on to his sheath and dick and let the dog hump in his hand. I never got the nerve to suck his dog, but he sucked his dog all the time. I loved getting fucked and kissed. The whole affair distracted me from getting another job until I ran out of savings and had to go back to work full time as welder in a pressure vessel manufacturing company.

    I felt guilty around so many tradesmen at the plant, knowing that I would leave work and go suck a man and get fucked. I told my friend and he assured me that more than one guy out there was a cock sucker and bent over to get fucked. I never met one, I wouldn't know how to identify one, plus I was hooked and spent my time off over at my friend's house, dog and all.

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    Your confession is hot and your friend is correct. There are many men out there who act and seem straight but when they are together with certain "special" friends, they are naked, sucking cock and taking it up their ass. I should know as I suck off and get sucked off by a couple of close friends I work with. I have sucked them both off in the same day although never at the same time. They both know each other but neither knows the other is a cocksucker too. Only one of them is in to ass fucking and we do it to each other whenever we have enough alone time, usually in a motel. I'm not into dog sex but yes, I am into hot man sex! Enjoy it!!

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