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    Straight Male / 49

    For several years now, I've often viewed backpage ads or other websites that advertiser hookers. Backpage is dead now but other sites have taken its place.

    I haven't partaken of these ladies' services often, but I enjoy viewing their ads and pictures.

    Recently, I was surprised to see an older woman post an ad. While she listed "48" as her age, my keen eye told me she was in her early 60s. Her witty ad caught my eye and I ended up scheduling a visit with her at a local hotel.

    Upon my arrival, she greeted me like I was an old friend. She was already half naked, and her tanned body and large breasts were quite nice, especially for her age.

    After a little chit chat, I stripped and laid down on the bed. She used some "warming" KY jelly on my cock and began stroking it to attention, which she followed with some expert oral action. Damn, this older woman could suck a cock!

    I was soon at full hardness and she offered to ride on top of me. I love when a woman does that! But before I could say something about a condom in my pocket, she lowered her bare pussy onto my member. Even though she was older, she felt awesome and began to ride me for all her worth. She loved to talk too. "Fuck that pussy! Yes, fill that pussy up!", she said.

    Her large breasts were in my face while she rode, and I squeezed and sucked her nipples for a bit.

    Jeannette had a way of rocking and riding on top that was unique and special. If she was faking her own enjoyment, she was a damn fine actress! After several minutes, she asked if I wanted to finish in this position and I suggested that she lay down on her back so that I could dive my mouth and tongue in her pussy, which clearly received some open air (nude) tanning. She seemed to really enjoy the tongue lashing and sucking I gave her, but I was now anxious to finish so I got on top and slid my hungry cock back inside.

    After a few more minutes of fucking away, I exploded inside of her. I was happily spent, and she seemed content as well.

    Jeannette isn't the only older woman I've enjoyed over the last 5 years. I've come to prefer older women as they are more confident, open and oh so more "into the moment".

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    I have kinky needs, and inevitably older women are perfectly willing, as long as there is something in it for them too....They are usually pretty hungry for some action, and as I say, not too picky, as long as it works for them too!
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    Please share which other sites you visit ow that backpage is down and CL has eliminated “casual encounters”
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    When I was younger (in my 20s and 30s) I was grateful to bang quite a few older women - as one friend said to me 'They don't yell, they don't smell, they don't tell and they're SO grateful". However for the last 34 years I have screwed only younger women (much younger sometimes, since I'm 72) and I don't usually fancy older ones at all.
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    skipthegames is one site that has taken the place of backpage. There are some sugardaddy sites too but they have steep membership fees.

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