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    Straight Female / 34

    My husband has been quite willing and eager ever since we married, to tell me all about the women he's fucked. And how much they enjoyed his big thick cock. He's even around four months back, admitted to fucking a stripper on his stag night, stating she threw herself at him once she saw just how big his dick was.
    Well my husband isn't the only male in his family who's well endowed. And my husband is well endowed. The other person in his family I know for sure, has a nine and half inch cock, is his youngest brother Kane. He's twenty eight, an athletic horny bastard, who just so happens to have always fancied his older brothers wife.
    Once I knew my husband had indulged sexually with the stripper, I gave Kane a text with a picture of me naked, asking him round for a fuck. Kane called by fifteen minutes later and five minutes after that I had his gorgeous cock in my mouth. The rest of that afternoon was spent licking, sucking and fucking on another. And to this day I'm still enjoying my brother in laws cock every chance I get.

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    Great going.Now you can boast to your husband and make him feel jealous.Keep afloat or rock the boat,that's your choice.More dignified approach should be divorce your husband and live with Kane and let your husband enjoy other women.This is not marriage which implies loyalty .

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