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    Straight Female / 26

    Always loved older men, and when I say older I mean men in their late forties to men who reach their seventies. It began I guess when my granddad and I played together. I wanted him to do things sexually with me, but he never did. From then on I was attracted to men much older than myself and my husband kind of fits that criteria, being forty four.

    The thing is, I'm such an easy lay for confident older men. So if like a few weeks back when I was running around the golf course close tour home, and I get admiring looks, I kind of challenge the men to find out if they'd like to have sex. Running over to two older guys after seeing them stare at my body, I asked them if it was okay for me to run near to them on the course. The older looking man told me I could run anywhere I wanted to and touched his groin area. Taking the moment I stepped upto him, put my hand down to his cock bulge and asked him and his mate, if they'd like to play with me instead.

    I've already said I'm an easy lay for men of a certain age. So to me it was no surprise to find myself removing my running shorts and top, then sucking off both men in the woods next to the course. Their cocks weren't big or anything, but they both became amazingly hard and I loved the taste and feel of their older cocks in my mouth.
    Not wanting to waste the opportunity, I stopped sucking their cocks, told them they could if they wanted to, fuck me.
    I was literally craving their cocks by then and bent over looking back at them. In a matter of only ten minutes both men had slid their cocks up my love hole, fucked me for a short time and had cum deep inside my pussy.
    They went back to their game and I got myself together. Passing them further up, I told them I'd be back the following day around the same time.

    Mike and Ken have both fucked me numerous times now, and I've even begun to visit ken's home whom he shares with his disabled wife. She goes into a centre twice week for therapy and it's then Ken fucks me over and over again, with a little help from the blue pills I'm able to get him.
    Ken and Mike aren't the only older men I've had sex with since I got married and my husband knows all about it. I tell him every single detail of my day, and he decides if he's going to add his sperm to the cum that's already filling my mouth, pussy or arsehole.

    I'm lucky in that sense, as my husband doesn't mind me fucking other men. He doesn't like me having sex with younger men, but then he doesn't have to worry about that, as my last sexual experience with someone my own age, was when I was sixteen. Since then I've had sex with well over eighty much older men, the oldest funnily enough being eighty. I know I'm not the norm, but then again, what is normal.

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    But enjoyable fiction
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    You never know. I've known and worked with married women that had side cock. Don't know what the home arrangements were, but women duck around too. Some more than others.Taking up the slack.

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