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    Straight Female / 47

    The bottom line is that after 25 years of marriage I am the daughter and he is the father. When he has sex with me it feels indecent, like he shouldn't be seeing me naked. I sleep in a separate room from him and take care of all the household needs, he works and pays the bills and I live pretty well. Our house is paid off and our two kids are now college bound. I identify more with my daughter than I do with friends my age and I like being spoiled like her. I try to get up the desire to have sex but I just can't.

    I told him in a round about way that if he found a lady who would give him what he needs I will look the other way. I don't want him to get involved with some slut or woman digging for money. I want the woman to want to be with him, I guess to be in love with him. If she can't support herself properly I am not opposed to some sort of financial arrangement, but I definitely do not want some money digging woman around. The best thing is someone that I could sit down and have a nice morning over coffee conversation. But I don't want it to be any woman that I already know.

    I know I am asking for something that doesn't exist and he is probably more interested in some twenty five year old, but if he is he is paying for her and that is not the relationship I want him to have. I don't want him to pay for whores, the woman should go to him on her own and not be paid for her being with him.

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    Ohh how I wish my partner would look at things like you do. Of course thereâs a woman out there whoâs a perfect match to the scenario you describe, but you will have to find her and together seduce your hubby. Perhaps mixing in a bit of femdom would seal the deal!?
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    #1 commenter is clearly disoriented or has some mental disorder. Disregard.

    Now look girl, plain & simple ; YOU DON'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT. Stop writing like some brat.

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