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    Gay Male / 46

    I taught school as a career and retired at 55 mostly because I got bored and I was eligible for my pension. I moved to retirement community, an over 55 community. Getting to know some of the neighbors I took up tennis but I didn't like golf. I met this man who had worked for a corporation and we played tennis a couple of times a week. We got close enough that he asked me over to his house and we fixed hamburgers on the grill. I was sitting across from him, out there on the patio, and his penis was showing under his shorts. The head peaking out like a little mouse scared to come out. I couldn't help but look at it, I hoped he hadn't caught me staring or something. I started to imagine what it would be like to suck on his penis, it was the sun, the beer, tired from playing tennis, but I was sitting their fantasizing about sucking his penis, I just wanted to go over there and suck his little penis head.

    Well, I won't go on, but the fantasy never left me. I played tennis with him, I went to his place, he came to my place and I would look at him and fantasize what it would be like to have him stand naked in front of me in my living room and I would suck his penis. If he begged off to go take a leak or something I wished he wouldn't close the door. I knew his tennis shorts in great detail, he had to be wearing something like a jock strap or maybe briefs, his penis would just not show itself again. I masturbated one day after the game, I stood naked in my living room and masturbated looking at myself in the full length mirror on the wall.

    Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that I had an unhealthy fantasy, and standing naked in my living room masturbating in front of the mirror had to be a bad sign. But I did it over and over, looking for the better angles, getting up close when I had gotten to the point of ejaculating. I licked my cum off my finger, I took the cum and used it to lubricate my asshole and then insert a large magic marker that I had around the house. I started looking for suitable objects, but I was smart enough to go online and buy some butt plugs and some anal lube. I played tennis with a butt plug and I fantasized about kissing with my neighbor.

    The ice broke for me one afternoon when I went to this Italian restaurant. I was alone and it was around 2 p.m. so the place was quiet and the waiter was a talker, a Mexican guy in his late fifties or so. At one point he put his hand on my shoulder and kept it there while he talked. He told me he had moved to the town we were in looking for a place to retire, not that he could afford it, but a place where he could be around people his age. I didn't take his hand off my shoulder and when he got close I examined his crotch. He caught me looking and smiled at me. When I got up to go he gave me his name and told me the days he worked and the apartment complex where he lived.

    That night I got my butt plug out, lubed myself up and went out into the living room to masturbate in front of the mirror. Only this time I fantasized with the waiter and not my tennis neighbor. I fantasized about being on a bed with him, kissing and mutually pleasing each other, bending down to suck him and then he got on my back and took my butt plug out and fucked me. I went back to the restaurant on the afternoon that I knew he was working and stayed to have coffee and desert. I took his hand to look at his ring, I let him hold his hand on my shoulder, I asked when he got off that maybe we could be friends.

    That night I had my fantasy come to life. I sucked him, I guess that I always wanted to suck a man, I just always put it aside, but as a teacher many times I had moments of desire with a coach or an administrator, but never some kid. Even once with the janitor. But now it was real, sucking my new friend. He let me suck. I wanted to kiss, he was hesitant but he eventually gave in and we kissed for a while. He must have seen in my face that I wanted him to get on with it. My first time I got down on my knees and grabbed a pillow in my arms and felt his hot penis penetrate me. It was different than a butt plug, it was hot and a whole lot longer and he was thrusting. But the butt plugs must have helped because he went in pretty easily. After he fucked me I lay on the bed with him while he massaged my penis and got me into a full erection and between some sucking and jerking off he got me to ejaculate.

    Pablo moved in with me after six months, I rented a room to him that he never paid for. Pablo was a long time waiter and he knew how to entertain and he made great drinks and prepared good food. We had a small group that got together from time to time, they liked Pablo's service. Whether they ever suspected that Pablo stood naked in my living room while I sucked his penis I don't know. But I did, I liked looking in the mirror out of the corner of my eye while I sucked him. I just love looking at him erect, holding his penis and putting his penis in my mouth.

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