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    Bi-Sexual Female / 39

    My husband first noticed, my niece was eyeing me up I am her aunt, some of the family know I am bisexual since my husband caught me in bed with his sister he was ok about it providing he can watch us, he has seen me with different girls its a turn on for all three of us, he told me about her looking at my arse and tits as well as up my skirt,
    there is a big but she is only 16 so she is still classed as a minor, it is a turn on for me when I know she is looking at my body,around the house I don't wear underwear I am a bit casual about not fastening my blouse properly or sitting with my legs crossed, she is a well developed girl she tells me jokes mainly about lesbians, the thing is I want her, my husband has given the green light and is turned on and wouldn't mind watching us, but I dare not
    I have herd about prosecutions about historical sex with minors, when she goes home we hug and kiss on the cheek, now she has started kissing me firmly on the lips and I am letting her, its to tempting I want to but its to risky, anyone had this situation did you weaken to taste forbidden fruit

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    Live a little. Open your lips slightly when she goes in for the kiss. See if her tongue ends up in your mouth.
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    Reply I want to
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    Wait till she is legal age
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    I am not a judge except in cases where i****t is at stake. 16 night not be of legal age in your state but i****t is illegal in all states. But, there needs to be a complaint for the law to get involved and in this case I cannot see either of the three involved complaining. I am not a religious person but I am a Christian. The Bible is my guide and no where there can I recall i****t being legal. In this case GOD will be the judge and i****t being a SIN, if you want GOD to determine your destiny between Heaven or Hell, then the choice is yours, not mine. I will confess that I have read many confessions of i****t and cannot feel myself being aroused. But, to each his/her own, it's all up to ypo and GOD and not me. AMEN?
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    Forbidden fruit tastes nicest

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