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    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    Just been thinking, if and they have, all three of my uncles have been fucking me since I was fifteen, which one should I now go and live with.
    My mom passed away three weeks ago, buried last week. You might think I sound a little unaffected, but then it was her who thought up the idea of having her three brothers take turns fucking me once a week, to help to pay for our bills.
    They all had set days they'd call by, and each of them from the start used me like a common whore. They're all big men too, in every way. Not fat, tall and we'll muscled.
    Only Brad is married, yet he still took his turn every week to fuck all my holes. And he was by far the roughest of the three. Mostly fucking me until he and I both were sexually exhausted.
    They each had there own quirks sexually, but it was James who would often want to fuck me right there with mom watching, before paying her for my services.
    Callub is the quietest of the three, and in many ways the most considerate lover. Out of the three he was the one I'd orgasm the most with. Indeed he was the only one who'd go down on me, often spending a very long time pleasuring my pussy and ass with his tongue.
    But having said all I have, in a strange way, I'd now miss them all if I had to choose one over the others.
    My first statement still stands, which one do I now go and live with ???

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    Go live with the more considerate lover. That attitude in bed usually extends to how someone treats you during other times (with consideration). You can always find opportunities to fuck the other two now and then.
    18 days ago
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    Despite your earlier claim, Callub doesn't seem to treat you like a common whore. Yes, he paid, and yes, he knew it was a sure thing, but how many men would turn down good 15 year old pussy?

    Did the exhibitionism with James or the rough sex with Brad push your buttons? Did being treated like their personal little slut get you off more than you're admitting?

    The future I imagine you having with James involves you fucking for an audience and, more importantly, fucking with the audience. Are you ready to be your uncle's little gangbang video star? Does it excite you to think there will be more men you have to service that aren't related to you? Men that will use you like a breathing sex doll while your uncle records it and uploads the video to X-hamster or Tumblr?

    Brad's situation makes it more difficult for him to openly fuck you when the mood hits him. So be prepared for unsatisfying quickies after school and late night visits where you'll have to lick your aunt's juices off his nob before he mounts you. Does the idea of second hand lesbianism excite you? If it does, he may be your choice. He may also take you to "visit" your other uncles on a regular schedule so they can spit roast and DP you.

    So, unless his ass is completely broke, I suggest you're better off with Callub. If his behavior outside the bedroom is like his behavior in it, you'll have a fairly normal looking life from the outside and a pussy licking fiend in the bed. You other uncles may drop by from time to time for some energetic family "bonding", but is a three man train every so often too high of a price to pay for a roof over your head and three meals a day?

    Who knows, maybe Callub will take a page from your pimp Momma's book and charge the other brothers for access to your teenage holes? You could have college paid for and an excellent skill set for making side money while you're there.

    Or this is all bullshit and you're already planning to go with the brother that has the biggest dick.
    18 days ago
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    Best to find a faithful,respectful and respectable husband.

    By the way,what was you Mom doing for two weeks between her death and burial?
    18 days ago
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    #3 Where we live depending on availability of a service provider, or the cemetery, it can take longer than two weeks for burials, quicker it seems for cremation. Also if an autopsy is required, it be a long drawn up thing.
    17 days ago
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    I can bet that Callub is also your father. He have got your mother pregnant. That is why he is the most considerable lover and who respect and also love you the most. He is not really quiet, he just doesn't know how to talk to you, because in other hand you are his niece, but also his own daughter.
    16 days ago
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    DUH, CALLUB. Or Better yet. Move on to someone that's NOT RELATED
    8 days ago

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