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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 19

    My Step dad is horny for me.

    Please don't start giving me crap, cause this is what happened and I never planned it.

    This is not a m****tation story but it's probably just as bad.

    Up until sixth grade, I would sit on his lap to do everything.
    He was kind of my booster seat. I was kind of a needy kid. My real dad had left when I was really young.

    There was a really awkward time that I can clearly remember. It has stayed with me ever since.
    One evening we were watching some zombie movie. I remember being really scared and excited at the same time. I could not sit still. He was wearing sweat pants and a white t-shirt. I was in my baby doll pink shorts and a Sponge Bob shirt that I loved dearly.

    Well these guys were running from these zombies and they were about to get eaten. I was scared and my body was bouncing uncontrollably. I didn't realize just where I was bouncing, I just kept hearing a light "Umph" sound coming from him when I did. I had my hands dug into his knees and I was trying not to scream. I had involuntarily locked my ankles under his thighs and was clenching my entire body.

    That's when I felt the hardness rising from under me, forcing up against my pelvic area. I distinctly remember the warmth and a throbbing. I was still really scared from the movie and part of my butt cheeks were firmly holding his shaft while the head was poking right into my sensitive little mound. For a moment, It was like I was straddling a lead pipe. It was still swelling as I was still clenching. I think he sudden realized what was happening and wasn't his fault, but he suddenly shot up from the couch. I had to pick myself up off the carpet. I was confused thinking I did something wrong.

    Next day it was as if nothing happened and I was happy. We still watched movies and stuff but I usually sat next to him. I thought he forgot all about it.

    The crazy thing was that I found a little box in the garage, up by the Christmas ornaments last year that had a packet of developed photos of me. They were from the back yard when I was sunbathing in my two piece.
    Some were even stuck together with dried cum.

    I can't blame him, though. I'm just a bit conflicted.

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    Your words: "This is not a m****tation story but probably just as bad".

    HUH? You weren't m****ted. And a few pics in your swimsuit ain't nothing. And lots of step-dads and daughters have sexual feelings for each other. Or fantasies. Sometimes a consensual thing happens. Sometimes not. But you weren't m****ted.
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    Conflicted how? Disgusted he felt that way about you? Or do you want that "lead pipe" inside you now that you're a big girl? Do you want to see, feel and taste that dick Daddy hid from you all those years ago?

    You say you can't blame him. Were you a sexy little Lolita in the photos? Or are they more recent pictures of a filled out fully sensual you?

    You say it was dried cum. How do you know? Did you smell it? Taste it?

    The way forward is binary. Assuming there are only pictures of you [pictures of other unknowing teens makes the situation a little more sticky], you either ignore your knowledge of his once-upon-a-time infatuation and never admit you saw the pictures or you confront your Daddy in private and let him know the real thing is his for the asking.

    The only certainty is that unless there are pictures of you dad getting blown/fucked by one of your childhood friends, you never want to mention it to your mother. That would only bring pain to everyone involved.
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    1. I don't think that was intended and he didn't do anything but get excited. I'm just not sure what happened in his fantasies after. I would like to think that things would have turned out different.
    2. I am conflicted cause I don't want to be mad or weirded out. I kind of blame my dumb self as a kid. I should have been sitting somewhere else. It was pasty and flaky. I only imagine it's cum while I'm writing this. I kind of think you are turned on a little so I'll leave it at that.
    Thanks for the comments
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    1. Turned out different how? I really am curious. Do you imagine it going further? Do you imagine him grabbing your hips and finishing? Or do you think he should completely erase the experience of you bouncing up and down on him and the pleasure it brought from memory? Why? Shame? Some 1950's version of propriety?

    Does the idea that he might imagine it going further upset you? Why?

    2. Why would you be mad? What happened was as natural as friction. Neither of you was to blame for what happened. You were innocent and he seemingly endured for as long as he could without doing anything knowingly inappropriate. That he later remembered it fondly and said "What if?" to himself in private is actually commendable in my book. He seems to have opted for imagination and not taken advantage of your Daddy issues to groom you for later exploitation.

    According to your telling of the tale, he pulled back a little bit to remove the temptation to touch sexually.

    And Honey, if you think his thoughts about you were impure, you don't want to know what 3/4's of the men who see you on a daily basis think about doing to that nubile teenage body of yours. And don't give "But they're not related." Neither is he at the blood level. But he does seem to have cared enough to not take advantage of your trust.

    So, no point in being weirded out or mad either one. Again, forget it and move on or act on your urge to write your own ending to the tale. Be it sex with a safe, loving older man, a little teasing to remind him you're all grown up, or continuing as you are. The last thing you should do is punish him for being a kind, loving Father without ever giving him an explanation of why you suddenly won't hug or kiss.
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    4. You do make a valid point, but sometimes it's hard to for me to control my feelings and emotions. I do appreciate your kind (and wise) words.
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    There's one piece of missing information that might make things easier to understand. What age were you in the pictures? Are we looking at a cum stained stack of photos of a 13 year old or an 18 year old?

    If they're of a 13, 14 year old you, did he ever make you uncomfortable with his touches? Did you notice him checking you out as you grew up?

    If they're of more recent vintage and imply you're a current masturbatory fantasy, that's a whole different kettle of fish. He may be looking at you and imagining your mother when she was your age. Do you resemble her?
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    One last random thought. If the pictures of you are fairly recent, they may have absolutely nothing to do with the detailed incident you recounted.

    It may be that he just considers you a "hottie" in general. You don't bother with a description of how you look, but he may put you in the same category as some similarly built model he knows he'll never screw. Or as noted above, you may look very much like your mother and he's using you to recall "what was."

    At any rate, good luck with sorting it out. I'll keep a bookmark on this for a few days to see if there are any further remarks on your part.
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    6. I was different ages but the year I bought a cute French cut bikini. Before that I was just wearing cutoffs and a tankini. The pictures that were pasted together looked different, they looked like pictures of me changing from my bedroom window. I can't tell how old or what I was doing but I didn't have much on. I've never had an idea that he had feeling or that he was fantasizing about me.
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    So then, he was well behaved but lusting in secret. It still doesn't completely blow up the notion he was seeing an echo of your mother in you, but pictures of you changing [if that was indeed what you were doing] is skating close to the line since that involves some stealth and planning. How old do you guestimate you were in the pictures that were "pasted" together?
    Do you still occupy the same room? If so, have you checked for cameras since you found the photos?
    Just for fun, see if he'll let you borrow his phone and look through his pictures. Or his computer [if he has one.] Those may be "tells" as to whether this is an ongoing issue or just an incident in the life that hasn't been revisited.
    Hell, for all I know, your Mom was sick one summer and he was using your image and his right hand for occasional relief. That's one of the pitfalls to trying to offer insight without knowing anything at all but a dozen paragraphs about a person's life.
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    BTW, Polaroid or 35mm? And were you aware he took any pictures when you were sunbathing? Or was that hidden from view as well? [Taken through a window or at an angle blind to you.]

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