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    Bi-Sexual Male / 38

    I love watching my wife and daughter share black cock together. Our daughter knew that thatâs what we did growing up but never talked about it. After she turned 18 she started asking my wife questions about it. She in turn showed our daughter pictures and videos I took of her and her black bulls. Our daughter found one of them in particular very attractive and told my wife that.

    Usually weâd have guys over when she wasnoutnforna weekend but the following weekend we had himmiber while she was home and they met. It was so hot watching her flirt with him. Eventually we went for a sauna and hot tub, naked.

    An hour later our daughter comes outside and gets in a tiny bikini and gets in the tub with us and sits beside the guy. We chat a bit then she leans in and kisses him. This got me instantly hard. Our daughter has 36cc tits and he pulled her top off and exposed them.

    My wife moved over and started rubbing him while he kissed our daughter. I stood on the edge of the tub and took my raging hard cock out. My daughter looked over and seen me and watched a while. Looking in her eyes while I stroked was almost too much.

    My daughter stood up and bent over in his face and shoved her assnin his face and he started eating it. I moved over to beside him and watched from behind. My wife got in front of me and started sucking my cock beside our daughter and the guy.

    My daughter turned around and pulled her bottoms off and straddled him and started fucking him. This made me cum a huge loadnin my wifeâs mouth. She leaned over and kissed our daughter and gave her my cum and she swallowed it.

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    This is simply pathetic.You had your daughter when you were 20? WHAT'S YOUR INCOME? Are you living off social welfare?
    17 days ago
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    Hahahahahahaha! Hilarious bullshit!
    17 days ago
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    Wake up, dreams over...
    17 days ago
  • 4
    Yeah right
    17 days ago
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    Add this to "things that didn't happen"
    17 days ago
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    8 days ago

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