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    Straight Female / 40

    When I was 17 and still in high school I had an afternoon part time job as a file clerk in an office. The owner of the company liked me and he fucked me in the file room. I was a total virgin at the time, I had never been grabbed by a man or a boy either, I didn't have a father and I lived alone with my mother. I didn't know what a man's hug was, or the smell of a man on top of me or being naked against a man who was sticking his dick in me. He fucked me real hard that day, real hard. I went home and told my mother and all she said was that it was done now so now I knew what it felt like to be a woman.

    Sometimes he fucked me real hard like that day in the file room but other times he made love to me real soft, kissing and hugging me first, feeling me with his hand until I was wet for him and then making love to me, telling me how pretty I was and how much he liked having me. Sometimes he just kissed me telling me that I was his favorite, even more than his youngest daughter. Sometimes he undressed me piece by piece, shoes, and pants and tops and bra and panties until I was totally naked and he would tell me how much he enjoyed looking at me and how I made him happy and that he really enjoyed my body. But sometimes he would fuck me real hard.

    I worked for him all the way through college and through my masters program and I work for him today. Since that day I have was always been his lover, as I got older and I got more experience I knew how to get undressed for him, how to stand and or lay down for him, how to give him sex. I give him sex, the minute he stars to grab me for sex I give him everything. He is sixty years old now and for his birthday I hired a belly dancer I had seen at another party, she is so sensuous, she doesn't wear a bra of any kind and her breast move with her dance so that anyone in the room is either hot for her or jealous of her. At his party I had her dance for him, close and personal, letting her breast flow over him. I know him, he likes for me to cover his face with my breasts and let him nibble on me like eating from a bunch of gr**es.

    That night after his party I danced for him, my breasts just aren't the same but my breasts he can touch and kiss and bite and I let him feel me up with his hand and penetrate me with his fingers. I love the feeling of his hand in me, feeling his beard against me, his lips and his bites. I like getting him aroused, we use pills now all the time, his arousals last a long time and he works himself up until he just fucks me. I like making love, playing and teasing and stuff, but sometimes like after the party I just want him to fuck me one more time.

    I am forty years old now, I have never had another lover, I only know one man. My mother just spent four weeks with me. Sometimes to make her feel weird I tell her what he did with me the night before. That is how I get even with her, I remind her of that evening when I told her he had fucked me in file room, and that now I know what it is feel like a woman. I also tell her that I am not worried, everything is electronic now and there aren't any more file rooms.

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    Be it genuine or not, this is a excellent chain of events. The only issue some should have is the vengeful attitude you maintain toward your understanding mother. Her summation regarding your loss of virginity may not have what you wanted to hear at the time, however in this progressive age there is NO proper reaction other than for a mother to express an appropriate truth, which she well did. You may The man may have taken you at his will for your initiation, however it is important for ALL girls to comprehend throughout their life that due to a man having strong, carnal needs, sexual relations should & will occur at a Man's desire and will. We don't need to remind the world that nature created a Man larger and stronger than woman for THAT fundamental reason. Deep down you know what your mother said to you that night was right in directing you to know your place ; beneath a man.

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