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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    I had a buy who worked for me that was gay. He wasn't flamboyant or anything like that, he was fifty and he had been with the same guy for a long time. At Christmas party time he asked me if I thought the company could accept it if he invited his partner along. I said sure, be prepared that there may be some who don't, but that really who cared. At the party I shepherded them, made sure that they had a good time, his partner is a big man, bigger than me and he kept his arm around my shoulder to talk, when they left my coworker thanked me and told me he loved me and that we should get together more often.

    For the next several weeks I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how they lived. Both are big men, my coworker played ball in college, I wondered who did what, who was the catcher and who was the pitcher. Did they really have anal sex. When my coworker asked me to join them for dinner at a new restaurant that opened I accepted. Lots of people there, they introduced me to a lot of their friends, his partner kept his arm around me like he did at the Christmas party, he hugged me and said that the party was moving to their house. At the house I got a tour, lots of couple pictures of them, in all sorts of vacation destinations. All men, all gay men. Some left and others stayed, they asked me to stay that the party started later.

    When there were about a dozen left they started to play different music, dancing and this one guy asked me to dance, to get in the rhythm. He told me that his friends had asked to melt me down. He grabbed my crotch and he palmed my behind, he held on to me, he told me that man was going to go with me where no man had gone before. Masks were handed out, and some started to take their clothes off, some cock sucking started, lots of naked men, dancing, playing with their cocks. I was helped out of my clothes, my host came over and took me by the cock and walked me around telling me to losen up, which cock did I like, lots of guys there wanted me suck them off.

    His partner came over and told me to stand still, he sat on a chair and started to suck me. He stood up and told me it was my turn, his cock was hard not like mine, he was hard and he let me suck him for a while. He handed me off to another guy in a mask, one guy started to suck me while I was sucking away. A couple of guys started to fuck, I saw my host getting fucked by his partner, and then switching off and another guy fucking him. He came over and offered himself to me, try it, if I didn't like maybe I liked taking it myself. I ended up taking it from a couple of guys, sucking several guys, taking it from my host's partner. He told me that since the Christmas party he wanted that. I figured out who was pitching and who was catching between them. I figured out that I was more comfortable catching, I really enjoyed it.

    The party ended around three in the morning, some of the guys sleeping on the couch, others in the bedrooms. I slept with my host and his partner. The next morning there was breakfast, lots of pancakes and waffles, coffee and juice. I asked my hosts why the masks and they said that from time to time there were videos or pictures so just in case if they got around they would not be face on when shared. They brought over a phone from one of the guys with a video of my first time. Not the most flattering thing.

    I had stepped into another world, a world I wondered about but I was now part of. Parties, dinners, bars and some gang banks like that first night. It's not easy to get comfortable, I tend to stay close to the person I'm with not go out and get anyone and everyone, not having to suck off each and everyone at the party which I had to do at another party, I wasn't the new found lamb anymore and I had to prove my chops, suck them all off.

    I have a one on one with this guy who runs a remodeling business. He doesn't look the part anymore than I do, he is the pitcher and I am the catcher we get along fine. It's like my coworker, yes we do sleep together in a king size bed. I'm the nurturing one and he is the bossy one. It just feels good that way.

    I'm not so far into it to say that I am all in, but I am into it enough to know that I like it and I like my new friends.

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    Catcher? Pitcher? Do you really think gay men speak like this?
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