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    Lesbian Female / 35

    When I was 7 years old my parents got a baby sitter named Mandy so they could go out on weekends. She was 5 years older than me and super fun to hang out with. She basically let me do whatever I wanted, which was pretty sweet. She watched me for a couple weekends before one night insisting that she gave me a bath before bed. I loved baths so I was cool with it. She washed my hair and body, which was fine because either my mom or stepdad normally would. Everything was usual until she got to my pussy. She seemed really interested in it and took a long time washing me down there. She told me to lay back and she spread my lips open and ran the wash cloth up and down my slit over and over. Then she started rubbing it lightly over my clit. I was young and didnt know what was happening, but damn I liked that. It felt amazing.
    She said, "that feels good when I run it,huh?" I told her it did. She told me she liked to rub her clit in the bathtub and wanted to make mine feel good too. I let her do it. And she started doing it every time she babysat me. One night my stepdad was giving me a bath when he was home, and not knowing it was weird, I asked him to rub my special spot. He asked what I meant and I showed him my clit. He seemed surprised and asked where I learned to do that, and I told him Mandy showed me. He said that was good, and I was good for letting her do it. He rubbed it for me and it was even better when he did it. My little body almost couldn't stand the pleasure. But he never let me orgasm. A few weeks later, I was getting my clit teased by both mandy and my stepdad. Finally one night my stepdad confronted mandy and told us he would pay us both if we would eat each others pussies while he watched and jerked off. We said yes and he explained what to do. I laid out on the bed naked, my legs wide open, displaying my bald little pussy and hard excited clit. I knew I was about to feel great and I was already horny. Mandy slid her tongue up my slit and I jumped in shock at the sensation. It was the best thing. My stepdad directed her on what ti do, telling her to pay tons of attention to my throbbing little clit. And my God she did. It felt so good when she flicked her tongue over it and ducked on it. Mmmm I couldn't lay still. I had my first orgasm all over her mouth and then I licked her pussy the way she did mine. She loved it too. She came hard and loud and it was amazing. We did it a lot afterwards and they are fondest memories from my childhood.

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    This sounds like a boys fantasy

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